Monday, November 29, 2010

Joint DWC Meeting of AIPEU, Koraput Divisional Branch

Dear Comrades,

As scheduled the Joint Divisional Working Committee Meeting of AIPEU Group-C, AIPEU Postmen & Group-D and AIPEDEU, Koraput Divisional Branch was held on 28.11.2010 at Koraput HO successfully. A very good number of comrades participated in the said meeting and made it a very fruitful one. The meeting was presided by President, Group-C, Com. R N Nahak who managed it very well.

Com. R N Nahak, Com. Purna Chandra Maharana, Com. B P Mishra, Com. R K Rayapalli, Com. P Suresh Kumar was on dias to represent Group-C.

Com. Lambadar Bisoyi, Com. Nilambar Naik, Com. Dasmant Gond and Com. Prabhat Kumar Mohapatra have represented Postmen and Group-D.

Com. Jagdish Kar, Com. Rajendra Prasad Sahu and Com. Chakrapani Chikati were on the dias to represent AIPEDEU.

Various issues presented on agenda were discussed minutely in the said meeting followed by good number of suggestions from the crowd.

Authorization for PLI and RPLI Business Procurement

Dear Comrades,

Every Departmental Employeesand GDSs are now eligible for procuring PLI and RPLI business. So, if any one is interested to procure PLI or RPLI on his/her behalf beyond working hours than it is requested to submit his/her willingness to Divisional Office mentioning his/her name, gender, designation, office, account office, mobile number, date of birth with his/her signature and may be forwarded through his office/account office for allotment of code and receipt book. The material on PLI and RPLI can be accessed in website of our department i.e.

Department of Post to act as a Corporate Agent of Insurers

Dear Comrades,

According to the article published in The HINDU dated 28th Nov, 2010;
Very soon, your neighbourhood postman can be your insurance agent. The Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA) has granted permission to postal circles to distribute insurance products.

IRDA has allowed each circle of the Department of Post (DOP) to act as a corporate agent of insurers. This effectively means that post offices will now serve as an office for insurance agencies. The DOP has divided the whole country into 22 postal circles for providing postal services.

As per IRDA, each Circle of India post should be treated as a separate unit in order to grant independent corporate agent licence with various insurers. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) allowed each circle to tie up with two non-life insurance companies, two life insurance companies, one agricultural insurance company and one stand alone health insurance company for this purpose.

So each circle can act as an agent of five various insurance companies for various insurance activities. In case of metropolitan areas, the head of a circle may approach IRDA for prior approval of further division within the circle into separate units because of large population. The smaller units can then obtain licence to act as corporate agents. Corporate agents act as insurance agent for insurers and procure businesses on behalf of the insurance companies through its executives.


Dear Comrades,

The article on total computerization in Department of Posts published in Business Standard dated 28.11.2010 is reproduced hereunder for information of our comrades.

IT majors in race for Rs 1,000-cr postal modernisation contract.
With increasing competition across sectors for its different kinds of services, the over 150-year-old Indian postal system is set for a major technological advancement to improve its customer service, deliver new services and improve operational efficiencies. The Department of Posts (DoP) is understood to have given a go-ahead to its Information Technology (IT) modernisation project under the India Post 2012 plan, which has thrown opportunities of over Rs 1,000 crore for Indian and global IT vendors.

According to highly-placed industry sources, DoP has initiated the process to identify IT implementation partners for developing core applications covering key areas such as mail operations, financial services, postal insurance, finance and HR. The department has already invited expressions of interest for the project. It would shortlist the interested companies based on the project requirements. The contract is expected to be finalised early next year.

Sources said most of the leading Indian and global IT services companies, including TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL, IBM, HP and Capgemini have shown interest to participate in the contract, which will be for a duration of two-three years. “DoP is faced with twin challenges of increasing competition and continuing advances in communication technology, especially in mobile telephony and the internet. In order to provide the best-in-class customer service, deliver new services and improve operational efficiencies, DoP has undertaken an end-to-end IT modernisation project to equip itself with requisite modern tools and technologies,” an official note said.

DoP currently has the largest postal network in the world with 155,015 post offices spread across the country. Out of that, only 12,604 head post offices and sub post offices have been computerised so far. By the end of 2012, the department wants to computerise all post offices that would help it offer its various services seamlessly. DoP currently uses about 56 standalone IT applications that run in silos and do not speak to each other. The IT implementation partner will develop integration architecture model using service oriented architecture so that all the post offices will be able to provide affordable services in an efficient manner.

Bibhu Ranjan Mishra / Bangalore November 28, 2010, 0:54 IST

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Recent Developments by DoP

Dear Comrades,

Few recent development made by DoP during this month appended hereunder for reference.

1. Revision of FSC – orders are expected to be released this month itself.

2. Enhancement of Fixed Monetary compensation revising Rs.24/- as Rs.50/- and Rs.85/- for holiday duty will be released next week.

3. The Department has appraised the law ministry about the existence of GS and the promotion on seniority basis to erstwhile Group D now MTS. The law ministry in now approving the revised Recruitment rules. Orders are expected within a fortnight.

4.UPSC has raised some queries on HSG-I Recruitment Rules which had been clarified. The Revised Recruitment Rules will be issued shortly.

5. The file relating to enhancement of OSA has been submitted to J.S. F.A. (Finance) for approval.

6. Direct Recruitment of PA/SAs were completed within couple of days to the extent of around 16000 posts.

Courtesy: NFPE


Dear Comrades,

DOP has released the recruitment rules for creation of Postmaster cadre. The complete order is reproduced below for reference.
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi – 110001
Dated, 22nd November, 2010
All Chief Post Masters General
Sub: - Introduction of Postmaster Cadre in Postal Wing.

I am directed to say that Department of Posts operates mainly through its about 25500 Departmental Post Offices. The services it offers have grown in the traditional areas of sale of stamps, booking of Money orders and Registered letters as also in Savings Bank functions, especially where Post Offices disburse NREGA wages to beneficiaries. In many post offices these activities are carried out electronically, new services like e-payment, e-post etc is also offered. Further the Department has also entered into agreements with private players like Western Union for money transfers. In the area of mail, both express, parcel and traditional, the Department of Posts faces tremendous competition. It has to offer excellent services by way of continuous upgrades in quality and in the add on value of its mail products, like IOD, national billing, same day delivery of corporate mail etc.

2. In spite of the long existence of the Post Offices and challenges being faced by the Department from private players in the field there had never been an exclusive cadre for Postmasters. The Postal Assistants, LSG/HSG-II, I etc. are posted to man the posts of Postmasters. This system served the Department quite well till some time back. But now in order to improve/upgrade the functioning of the Post Offices, meet the present day requirement of specialization in Postal office management in the wake of introduction of technology, challenges from market and to increase productivity it has absolutely become essential to ensure that key Post Offices are headed by professional managers. Thus, in order to ensure that professionally qualified, trained and meritorious officials head they key Post Offices, it has been decided to introduce a separate cadre of Postmasters comprising the following grades by carving out the posts from existing General Line posts as ordered vide this Directorates letter No. 13-2/2010-PE-I dt. 03.02.2010.

I. Senior Postmaster 116 Posts
(Rs. 9300-34800 + Rs.4800 Grade Pay)

II. Postmaster Gr – III 495 Posts
(Rs.9300-34800 + Rs.4600 Gr. Pay)

III. Postmaster Gr-II 511 Posts
(Rs. 9300-34800 + Rs.4200 Gr. Pay)

IV. Postmaster Gr-I 2097 Posts
(Rs. 5200-20200 + Rs.2800 Gr. Pay)

3. The Recruitment Rules of the above stated grades have since been framed and notified. A copy of the Recruitment Rules called the Department of Posts, Senior Postmaster (Group B Gazetted), Postmaster (Grade ' III and II' – Group B non – Gazetted) and Postmaster (Grade I-Group C non-Gazetted) Recruitment Rules, 2010, dated 9th September, 2010 is forwarded herewith.

4. The number of posts in the various grades of the Postmaster carved out of the existing General Line Posts in various Postal Circles is being issued separately.

5. Thus it may be noted that:
I. A separate cadre of Postmasters has been created at the level of LSG, HSG-II, HSG-I and PS Group 'B' by carving out the cadre from the existing General Line Cadre Posts in Postal Wing and PS Group 'B' and designated as Postmaster Gr –I, Postmaster Gr.II , Postmaster Gr.III and Senior Postmaster.

II. Initial constitution of the various Grades of Postmasters shall be done by inviting options/applications from the existing incumbents of LSG, HSG-II, HSG-I in Post offices and PS Group, 'B'.

III. In subsequent years all the vacancies in Postmaster Gr.I shall be filled up through a Limited Departmental Competitive Examination, From amongst PAs with 5 years regular service in the grade.

IV. All the vacancies in Postmaster Gr. II Posts shall be filled up by promotion from amongst Postmaster Gr. I with 6 years regular service in the grade (including regular service in LSG, if any).

V. All the vacancies in Postmaster Gr. III posts shall be filled up by promotion from amongst Postmaster Gr. II with 5 years regular service the grade (including regular service in HSG II, If any).

VI. 25% of vacancies in the grade of Sr. Postmaster will be filled up by promotion of Postmaster Gr. III with 2 years of regular service in the grade (including regular service in HSG, I if any) and 75% by Inspector of Posts (IPOs) with 6 years of regular service in the grade on the basis of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE).

VII. The officials in PS Gr 'B' and Senior Postmaster (Gazetted) would be eligible for induction in IPOs, Gr 'A' on the basis of a consolidated eligibility list.

6. To begin with the Postal Circles, as per the provisions of the Recruitment Rules, may call for the options/applications with their bio-data from the willing officials holding the posts in the equivalent grades for appointment as Postmaster grade I, II and III respectively. While inviting for the applications it may be categorically stated that:

I. Once and official submits his application he will not be allowed to withdraw the same. II. Officials who are still left with at least two years of service to retire may only apply in order to avoid their dislocation at the fag end of their service.

III. In the event of their appointment as Postmaster their further career progression will be in the hierarchy in the Postmaster cadre only as per the provisions in the relevant Recruitment Rules and not in the General Line.

7. The applications so received may be scrutinized to find out the eligibility of the applicants. Thereafter the applications of the eligible applicants may be placed before the Screening Committee mentioned under Col. 11 of the respective grades for assessing their suitability based on their ACRs and vigilance clearance provided they attain the minimum bench mark of 'Good' Those who are found suitable they may be arranged in the order of seniority for appointment in respective grade of postmaster as they enjoyed in the General Line.

8. If after filling up the posts as per procedure mentioned in above paragraph certain number of posts still remain unfilled the same shall be filled up by promotion as per the provision contained in col. 12 of the respective Recruitment Rules. It may please be noted that in that event the unfilled posts in Postmaster Gr. I will have to be filled up on the basis of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination. The pattern and scheme for Limited Departmental Competitive Examination to fill up the vacancies in the grade of Postmaster Gr.I would follow shortly.

9. All the Postal circles are requested to follow the time-line mentioned below to fill up the posts of Postmaster:

(i) Date of Issue of Circular calling for the options/applications for appointment as Postmaster Grade I, II and III. - 14.12.2010
(ii) Last date for receipt of options/applications along with bio-data - 15.01.2011
(iii) Completion of scrutiny of applications and obtaining Vigilance Clearance and ACR dossiers. - 31.01.2011
(iv) Submission to Screening Committee. - 10.02.2011
(vi) Submission of the minutes to the appointing authority for approval - 01.03.2011
(vii) Issue of appointment orders - 16.03.2011

10. Thereafter the Postmasters so appointed may be deputed for training immediately in consultation with the Training Division of the Directorate.

11. The receipt of the letter may please be acknowledged.

Yours faithfully, (V. C. Kajla), Director (SPN), Tel. No. 23096092


Dear Comrades,

DoPT vide the below OM has issued a clarification regarding study leave for fellowships offered by reputed institutes.
No. 1302312/2008- Estt.( L)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, P.G. and Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)
New Delhi, the 18th' November, 2010
Office Memorandum

Sub: Study Leave for Fellowships offered by reputed Institutes

Study Leave is normally granted to a Government Servant for a course of study having direct and close connection with the sphere of his duty. However, it can also be granted for studies which may not be closely or directly connected with the work of a Government Servant, but which are capable of widening his mind in a manner likely to improve his abilities as a civil servant and to equip him better to collaborate with those employed in other branches of the public service. Keeping in view the above spirit, this Department had allowed Study Leave to those selected for the award of Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowships in relaxation of the rules.

2. In light of the above, this Department is examining the feasibility of bringing more Fellowships under the purview of Study Leave, on the same terms and conditions as the Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowships. All Ministries / Department are requested to provide relevant /requisite inputs regarding fellowships offered by reputed institutions which may be of benefit to their area of work. It would be appreciated if the feed back is received by the under signed by 15th December 2010. The same may be mailed to the under signed at
Simmi R. Nakra, Director

Certificate verification of new PAs

Dear Comrades,

As you know the result of PA exam for 39 posts have already been declared, now they have been called for certificate verification on 30.11.2010 so that their training and posting can be made at the earliest. After joining of these new PAs in our Division certainly we can hope to feel relaxed regarding leave and deputation arrangement, workload burden, clearance of huge pending work etc. We, on behalf of our Koraput Divisional Branch welcomes all the newly recruited PAs to our Postal Family and wish them for their bright future.

Meeting with hon'ble Postmaster General

Dear Comrades,

The Divisional Secretaries of AIPEU Gr-C, AIPEU Postmen & Gr-D and AIPEDEU, Koraput Divisional Branch, Jeypore(K) met with Hon'ble Postmaster General, Berhampur Region in the O/o the SSPOs during his recent visit to Koraput Division. A Memorandum containing our problems and demands was handed over to him for immediate necessary action. Discusstion on various issues relating to the welfare of our staff was also done in the said meeting. The minutes of the meeting on receipt will be published on our blog for reference.

DWC Meeting

Dear Comrades,

As scheduled our DWC Meeting will be held at Koraput HO on 28.11.2010. Hence, all office bearers and DWC members are once again requested to join the meeting in time.


Dear Comrades,

The representatives from ASEAN member countries as well as dialogue partners from mailand China, Hong Kong, India, Japan and South Korea met in the central city of DA NANG to discuss over collaboration in various categories for growth of Postal Business.

DA NANG — The postal industry had undergone drastic changes and regional postmasters needed to work together more closely and share experiences in dealing with them, said the managing director of Pos Malaysia Berhad, Dato' Syed Faisal Albar.

Albar made the remark at the opening of the 17th ASEAN Postal Business Meeting and the 4th ASEAN Post Meeting, which he is chairing, in the central city of Da Nang.

The meetings are gathering sectoral representatives from ASEAN member countries as well as dialogue partners from mailand China, Hong Kong, India, Japan and South Korea.Participants discussed issues such as regional e-commerce development, postal savings projects and marketing strategies for express shipping services.
"Mobile phones and the internet have changed the way the public interacts with us," Albar said. "Bills are paid over the internet and companies now opt to deliver bills in the form of e-statements. Now, more than ever, I believe we in the postal world need each other," he said. "There are many areas of co-operation among ASEAN postal organ-isations. We must continuously peruse other viable business alliances and collaborations."

Participants in the meetings yesterday signed an agreement on the development of an ASEAN international electronic money transfer system.

The ASEAN Postal Business Meeting was established in 1992 for regional postal operators to exchange information and experiences and streng-then collaboration for postal reforms and business development within the bloc. The ASEAN Post ++ Meeting began in 2007 to enhance postal service quality and business efficiency through the broader region.
The success of the 17th ASEAN Summit and other high-level meetings has been significant in driving the formation of the ASEAN Community and creating favourable conditions for postal enterprises to integrate and develop, said Viet Nam Posts and Telecommunications (VNPT) Group chairman Pham Long Tran. — VNS.


China leaps ahead of India on postal laws

Dear Comrade,

A fact regarding China's policies to handle it's postal system unlike India was published in the Economin Times, India. Details are reproduced below:-

MUMBAI: Faced with a downturn in its business fortunes, China Post seems to have taken a cue from India’s efforts to rejuvenate its postal services.

While India has gone slow on the proposed amendment to monopolise handling of documents weighing less than 300 gm, China is all set to revise its postal law to bequeath China Post’s express arm EMS (Express Mail Service), the sole authority to handle documents weighing under 150gm.

Exactly like in India, all four international giants — DHL, TNT, FedEx and UPS — and over a dozen domestic operators are a disgruntled lot, since the amendment has the potential to paralyse the industry. Steven Lim, spokesperson of DHL, told ET that it is difficult at present to ascertain the direct impact on their business, based on the unpublished 8th revision of the draft Bill.

“The good news is that the (Chinese) government has considered lowering the weight monopoly to 150 gm, which is lower than the previous draft of 300 gm or more. We believe that it is best to include other standards than just weight, like a price multiple,” says Mr Lim.

Most industry officials agree. “Price multiple could be a better standard. The express companies can be restricted to price their services on par with that of the postal department by stipulating a price differential. The price-conscious customer can go to the postal department, while others can patronise private courier/express companies,” says an industry official.

Like in India, the express industry in China has also raised concerns over huge job redundancies if the draft proposal is implemented. Others are lamenting that they would have to shut shop. The proposed India Post Office (Amendment) Bill, ’06 is currently with the committee of secretaries for reconsideration and incorporation of some changes.

According to Jyotsna Deish, secretary, department of post, the bill is unlikely to come up in its present form. “It has to pass through various levels of reckoning and approvals and will possibly be taken up only in the Budget Session,” she had told ET, earlier.

In an email reply, a senior UPS spokesperson said: “UPS hopes that any amendment to the postal law would provide a level playing field and provide a favourable environment for the express delivery industry, which is a part of the logistics industry, in China.”

RK Saboo, chairman of Express Industry Council of India (EICI), said most countries have regulated their postal systems with price multiples. “Here, express companies are excluded from the weight restrictions if they levy higher service price.

For instance, many countries have pegged 2.5 times the price of a first class postal mail at the lowest weight slab, and no express companies are allowed to levy their customers any price lower than the standard, which is calculated using the price multiple parameter,” he said.

In the US, postal monopoly is limited to deliveries to mail box and post office boxes and to shipments for which the amount paid is equal to or less than $3 or is twice the applicable first class rate, whichever is greater. There is no prohibition on delivery of non-business documents.

In France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Czech Republic and Hungary, the monopoly is restricted for items less than 50 gm and 2.5 times the price of a first class mail at the lowest weight slab. Germany, however, is going to liberalise the industry fully from ’08.

Similarly, in Australia, postal monopoly is limited to letters less than 250 gm and express companies excluded if they charge four times the basic price of a standard letter at the lowest weight slab.

In Singapore, minimum charge of a local express letter must not be lower than S$1 per item or thrice the prevailing postage charged by SingPost for an ordinary letter in the first weight-step of 20 gm, whichever is higher.

The Last Post

Dear Comrades,

This is a fine article regarding the importance and value of a Postman, written by one jug suraiya from Timesgroup, Times of India.

How the person who brought your mail came to be an extinct species.

There are only some 1,440 tigers left in India, presumably including the CWG mascot, Shera. Clearly the Indian tiger is an endangered species, and we must do all we can to save it. But while we are trying to save the tiger, let's spare a thought for a species that is not just endangered but extinct: the postman.

Remember the postman? He was the guy - though it may well have been a gal, the erstwhile postal department having been an equal-opportunity institution - who left mail for you in your letter box. Postmen - postpeople, if you prefer - were like Santa Claus, or the Tooth Fairy: you never saw them but you found evidence that they'd been there by what they left behind - letters, bills, junk mail, what have you. No, it's not quite true that you never saw postpeople. You did see your postperson, once a year. On the dot of Diwali your postperson would turn up on your doorstep for the annual Diwali mubarak baksheesh that all postpeople were entitled to by tradition, if not by their official terms of employment.

Over the years, i'd got to know my postperson quite well, thanks to our once-a-year meetings on Diwali. We'd become pretty pally, enquiring after each other's families, and discussing Haryana politics, and speculating as to when and where the next scam was going to strike and whom it would involve.

Then Diwali before last, my postperson didn't turn up. Had my postperson forgotten? Unlikely. Postpeople had to have powerful memories, capable of remembering all those addresses and where exactly each one was on their beats. A good memory was a professional requirement if you were a postperson. So why had my postperson not kept our Diwali rendezvous?

Then I begun to come across people, friends and neighbours, whose postpeople had also not turned up for their Diwali baksheesh. Why this sudden paucity of postpeople? That's when the ominous thought struck me: were postpeople becoming - or had already become - an extinct species, along with the dodo, the typewriter and telephones which had dials instead of pushbuttons?

And the chilling answer seemed to be 'yes'. Along with the dodo, the typewriter and phones with dials, evolution had bypassed the postperson. With the advent of internet and e-mail people not only stopped using 'snail mail' to correspond with each other, but they also stopped writing letters at all to each other. Instead, they tweeted each other, or sent each other SMSs: Hw r u?

OK, so people stopped writing letters. But what about bills, junk mail, pizza delivery offers (If It's Not Hot/Our Bandha Can Be Shot), and all that other stuff? If there were no more postpeople - because people had stopped writing letters - who was going to deliver all the other mail? The answer, of course, was couriers, a vast army of which appeared overnight.

Unlike postpeople whom you never saw, save on Diwali, you see couriers every day, several of them every day. When the doorbell rings you always know it's the courier come calling. How do you know this? Because experience has taught you that couriers, all couriers, have an uncanny psychic ability by which they know exactly when to ring the doorbell while you are in the middle of performing an intimate function which requires your total concentration, like using the loo, or trimming your toenails, or dealing with the blackhead that's suddenly appeared on the tip of your nose. You're just about to squeeze the damn thing out when ... Ring! It's the courier. With an invitation to an ikebana exhibition organised by the Indo-Japanese Friendship League, or the exciting book launch of the Greater Noida Telephone Directory.

This Diwali the doorbell rang. I wasn't in the loo, or the shower. So it couldn't be the courier. Could it be my postperson, come back to life? It wasn't. It was the courier. Demanding Diwali baksheesh. I gave it too. As a bribe. Not to make sure the courier kept coming to deliver my mail. But to make sure the courier stopped coming to deliver my mail.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Go on a stamping spree

Dear Comrades,

On the occasion of Children's Day, India Post and British Council are organised a one day Philately Exhibition at British Council recently.Prizes were given to the winners of the On the Spot Letter Writing competition held by India Post and British Council in October for students of Stds. IX to XII. The topics had been on environment, conservation, climatic change and letters to the president. M.S. Ramanujam of Postal India spoke to the kids about the importance of letter writing that exists despite the invasion of technology. Six winners were chosen from 350 kids who participated in the on-the-spot letter writing competition.

Ramanujam went on to speak about how he as a child benefitted from reading books like Letters written by Lord Chesterfield to his son and Essays by William Hazlitt. He appreciated the efforts taken by the British Council to improve communication skills by promoting English Language. One gift the winners received was a membership to the British Council Library.

The Hindu
23rd Nov, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Meeting at Jeypore(K) HO on Project Arrow

Dear Comrades,

Hon'ble Postmaster General, Shri Santosh Kumar Kamila, IPS is now on tour to our Division. Today a meeting was conducted at Jeypore(K) HO in presence of staff of Jeypore(K) HO and Town SOs on Project Arrow. Various facts regarding the work procedure at Project Arrow Office and it's importance was explained by PMG in the said meeting. He also added his suggestions on how to improve our business by motivating people describing them about various premium products of our department. SSPOs, Shri B G Satpathy and all ASPOs/SDI(P)s of Koraput Division also attended the said meeting. Our comrades P Suresh KumarSanjib Kumar Mohapatra and Puranjay Sahu offered their valuable suggestions for improvement of business in our Division.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Departmental Proceedings against Govt. Servants - Consultation with the UPSC for advice

Dear Comrades,

The OM issued by DoPT in connection with consultation with the UPSC for advice while dealing with departmental procedings against Govt. Servants is reproduced hereunder for your information.

No. 39011/12/2009-Estt (B)

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)

New Delhi, dated the 16th November, 2010


Subject: Departmental proceedings against Government Servants – consultation with the Union Public Service Commission for advice.

The undersigned is directed to say that the existing instructions issued by this Department provide that the disciplinary proceedings taken against Government servants should be processed and completed expeditiously. Occasionally, the charged officers approach the Courts to quash the disciplinary proceedings and in many such cases the courts give direction to the Government to complete the proceedings within a time limit prescribed by the court. In certain instances the Government seeks further time from the court and in certain other instances, the petitioners file contempt petitions for not having completed the proceedings as per the court orders. In many of such cases, the UPSC has to be consulted as per the existing regulations, before the final orders are issued.

2. The UPSC has brought to the notice of this Department that In the above cases, some Ministries / Departments have stated in the affidavit flied before the Court that the matter has been pending with the UPSC and the delay in completing the proceedings was due to the delay In receipt of advice from the UPSC although such cases had been returned by the Commission to the Administrative Ministry to rectify the deficiencies noted by it. In this connection, attention of Ministries / Departments is drawn to this Department's OM of even number dated 10.5.2010 and 14.9.2010 in which it has been reiterated that the Commission generally takes 3-4 months to render its advice after the complete case records have been received by the Commission and that the Ministries / Departments should ensure that the prescribed proforma for sending the case records to the UPSC filled with due care and attention to avoid any back reference by the Commission to rectify the deficiencies. A case may not be taken as delayed on the part of UPSC If the Commission has returned the same to the Administrative Ministry to remove deficiencies.

3. All Ministries / Department. are requested that In cases where the Courts are being apprised the time taken in finalizing a disciplinary proceeding through affidavit, information In regard to the pendency of the matter before the Union Public Service Commission may be correctly projected.

(CA Subramanian), Director

Result of Recruitment to the cadre of PA/SA for the year 2009 and 2010

Dear Comrades,

The result of recruitment to the cadre of Postal/Sorting Assistant for the year 2009 and 2010 has been declared today.

NOTIFIED VACANCIES: OC = 34; OBC : 01 PH:01 Ex-SM = 02, APS = 01

Sl   No   Roll No.
Name and address of the candidate     Community



































OBC = 01





Friday, November 19, 2010

Joint DWC meeting of AIPEU Group-C, AIPEU Postmen and Group-D and AIPEDEU, Koraput Divisional Branch will be held on 28.11.2010

Dear Comrades,

The Joint DWC meeting of AIPEU Group-C, AIPEU Postmen and Group-D and AIPEDEU, Koraput Divisional Branch will be held on 28.11.2010 at Koraput HO. All union office bearers and DWC members are requested to attend the said meeting in time. The below furnished notice has already been despatched to all concerned.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

India Post released Stamp on CAG

Dear Comrades,

A Commemorative stamp was released on 16 Nov 2010 to mark 150 Years of Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

                                                          Date of Issue: 16.11.2010.

Posting of SDI(P)s in Koraput Division

Dear Comrades,

After a high time, now RO has issued orders for posting of Inspector of Posts in the vacant Sub-Divisions of Koraput Division. Shri Devadutta Jena has been posted as IPOs, Umerkote Sub-Division. Shri Jawahar Rao has been posted as IPOs, Malkangiri Sub-Division replacing Shri B Sethy. Shri Sethy has been transferred and posted as IPO(PG), O/o the SSPOs, Koraput Division.

Our union congratulates and welcomes to the new IPOs, Shri Jena and Shri Rao to Koraput Division.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Joint Bi-ennial Conference of Bolangir Division

Dear Comrades,

The Bi-ennial Conference of AIPEU Group-'C' and AIPEU Postmen & Group-'D' Bolangir Division was held on 14.11.2010 at Bolangir.

President of India, Pratibha Devisingh Patil launches special stamp to commemorate centenary year of Lala Lakshmipat Singhania

Dear Comrades,

President of India, Pratibha Devisingh Patil today released a stamp to commemorate the 100th birth anniversary celebrations of Lala Lakshmipat Singhania in a glittering ceremony held at Rashtrapati Bhawan. The Indian postal department has brought out the stamp.

A visionary, a pioneer and a leader of outstanding quality – Lala Lakshmipat Singhania was the key architect of JK Organisation, one of India’s largest business houses. Even at a time when Indian industry was in its infancy, he considered management skills essential for Indian Industry and economy, to grow and develop not only domestically but also globally. He laid special emphasis on women education for holistic development of society. Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister spoke highly of the initiatives taken by Lala lakshmipat Singhania in building Industrial landscape for a modern India.

Inspired by Lala Lakshmipat Singhania, the generation next under the leadership of Shri Hari Shankar Singhania, President, JK Organization and past president of International Chamber of Commerce, have shown continuous and exemplary growth in diversified fields of industry.

With a sense of pride, Hari Shankar Singhania, President, JK Organisation, said, “Lala Lakshmipat Singhania had a strong belief that economic freedom of the country was as important as political freedom. He started several new industrial ventures, making many products in India for the first time, which were otherwise imported. He was committed to societal and nation building agenda. As a humanitarian he set up various healthcare and educational Institutes. He always said “Vidya Dadati Vinyam” meaning education makes you more understanding and humble.”

The group has achieved a lead position in major businesses over the years: JK Tyre, JK Paper, JK Lakshmi Cement, Fenner India, JK Agri Genetics, JK Sugar and other such successful enterprises.

India Infoline News Service / 10:54 , Nov 16, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

India Post Pavilion at Trade Fair Inaugurated

Dear Comrades,

India Post issues four Postage Stamps on Children’s Day.

India Post’s pavilion was inaugurated by Ms. Radhika Doraiswami, Secretary Posts, Government of India here today. India Posts is participating in India International Trade Fair – 2010 organized by ITPO from 14.11.2010 to 27.11.2010 at Pragati Maidan. The attractions of the pavilion set up in Hall No. 12 include- Project Arrow - Transformation of Rural Post Offices, A variety of Premium Products/Services, Tailor made solutions for your mailing needs, Customized Business Packages for Corporate Customer, Solution for your logistics needs, Financial Services, Insurance Services, Philatelic Stamps/Stationery and Print to Post – offering services printing, pre-mailing and dispatch of mail under one roof.

A set of commemorative Postal Stamps on Children’s Day was also released by her on this occasion.

Department Of Posts celebrates the 14th of November, each year with the issue of Special Postage Stamps on Children’s Day. Going by the tradition, Department of Posts has issued a set of four stamps on “Children’s Day” released by Ms. Radhika Doraiswamy today, during a formal function organized at its Pavilion in Pragati Maidan.

These Postage stamps show the wooden and mud toys such as the ones from Chennapatna, the dolls, tops of different hues and kites that colour their sky. The miniature sheet also pictures the little drag-cart which rattles happily with a stick on its stretched drum, dragged by a child.

This year the Children’s Day Special Postage Stamps celebrate return to innocence, the tenderness of nostalgia and also pays tribute to a heart full of compassion for those who have less than others.

These stamps and First Day Cover were designed by Sh. Sankha Samanta.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

Adding Photographs of all SOs of our Division to the Blog

Dear Comrades,

Taking an initiative we have already added photographs of nine SOs in the slideshow placed at the right corner. All comrades are requested again to send photographs of their SOs (front side view only), so that they can also be published in our blog.

Postal Strike

Dear Comrades,

Imphal, November 11 2010: Protesting alleged looting of money from two of their colleagues by miscreants on November 9 at Senapati, employees of Manipur Postal Division have stopped carrying out their services including ferrying and delivery of mails in Senapati district from today.

A joint statement of three Manipur Postal Division employees unions said miscreants harassed and looted Rs 1700 from driver Y Sanatomba Singh and mail guard RK Arunkumar Singh on November 9 afternoon while they were discharging duties between Mao and Tadubi along National Highway 39 .

An officer of Mao police station, however, said no complaint has been lodged in connection with the incident and they have no idea about it.

Condemning the looting All India Postal Extra Departmental Employees Union, Manipur Postal Division (MPD), MPD P-IV and MPD P-III – convened a joint meeting and decided not to cooperate with the conveyance of mails in between Senapati and Mao until an apology is tendered by the looters or are booked under the law.

The meeting also called upon all concerned for intervention to bring about an amicable solution to ensure non recurrence of such unwanted act in future in the interest of the general public.

Source: The Sangai Express

You have more time to submit your ITR-V

Dear Comrades,

For those filing their income-tax returns online, giving your income and other details electronically is not the end of the e-filing process. You also need to physically send in the ITR-V form to the Bangalore office via the Indian postal service.

And if you haven’t done it yet, you are in luck. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has extended the time limit and the last day of submission of ITR-V related to assessment year 2009-10 to December 31, 2010, or 120 days from the date of filing, whichever is later.

Only tax payers filing their returns online need to fill and submit an ITR-V. The process goes like this: After you have filed your returns online, you will get an e-mail from acknowledging your returns. You will also be sent an ITR-V form, which comes password protected for security. The password is usually a combination of your permanent account number (PAN) and date of birth.

The submission of this form to the Centralised Processing Centre (CPC) office will help you get an acknowledgement slip, which counts as proof that you have filed your returns. Tax payers have to fill this form physically and send it to No 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bengaluru - 560100, Karnataka.

If you have filed your ITR-V with the local income-tax office, you need to mail your form to the CPC office. If you have already mailed your ITR-V but have not received any acknowledgement in e-mail from the CPC, your need to re-send your form to the CPC.

Without the acknowledgement of the ITR-V from the CPC, it will be impossible for the income-tax department to process your tax returns or issue any refund, as your case will be treated as not having filed your returns.

DNA India

Indian Postal Network

Dear Comrades,

The Indian postal network is the largest in the world with 155,015 post offices in the country, 90 per cent of which, that is 139,144, are in the rural areas. While just around a quarter of the villages in the country have post offices, all inhabited villages have access to postal facilities. This is one communication service that has truly met the objective of inclusiveness, reaching out to every nook and corner of the country. In addition to the regular Department Post Offices, there are Extra Departmental Post Offices and over 250,000 Gramin Dak Sevaks are working on a part-time basis.

The post office network, a central government service, has been fairly well spread out across all the states. Each post office serves an area of approximately 21 sq km and an average of 7,000 people. There are some regions like Jammu and Kashmir and the north east that rank at the top with low area coverage, though this is largely owing to the topography of these states with large areas sparsely or totally uninhabited. Small states with good connectivity like Himachal Pradesh and Kerala do well when both area and population coverage are considered. India Post continues to expand services, and this year 200 branch post offices, mainly in rural areas, and 110 sub post offices are proposed to be set up.

India Post has been providing a range of services, going beyond parcel and mail delivery — in fact, the Post Office Savings Bank, which had 206 million deposit accounts as on March 31, 2009, is the largest banking institution in the country. The postal network has had to reinvent itself in the face of liberalisation, facing competition from private courier services in urban areas and other financial intermediaries. Money orders, for instance, have declined over the past decade, though premium service segments like speed post, retail post and business post have seen good growth. Recognising the need to upgrade and modernise even the "look and feel" of post offices, the government has launched Project Arrow to attract customers back into the postal services. Computerisation is also on, with the aim of covering all services in all post offices in the country by September 2012.

Moreover, the vast network is being put to use to disburse government payments now — more than 95,000 post offices are involved in the disbursement of wages under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS); every month around 800,000 new MGNREGS accounts are opened and so far till June 30, 44.8 million accounts have been opened under the scheme.

Then there is the sale of pension, insurance and investment schemes as well as retail of the New Pension Scheme has begun in 20 of the 22 postal circles; and in partnership with UTI Mutual Fund, mutual fund schemes are being sold across the country in all post offices. With a network that already reaches every household in the country, India Post is now set to become a major partner in meeting the objective of financial inclusion.

'Screen all Yemeni & Somali parcels'

Dear Comrades,

Not taking any chances after the discovery of two parcel bombs on US-bound cargo flights in Dubai and central England, the government of India has advised its Customs and postal departments to security-screen all parcels coming in from Yemen and Somalia. The advisory seeking additional checks on cargo emanating from Yemen and Somalia comes days ahead of US President Barack Obama’s visit to Delhi and Mumbai.

The advisory, based on a request from the American agencies as well as its own threat assessment coinciding with the Obama visit, took effect from Tuesday night. It’s not time-bound and all parcels from Yemen and Somalia — including airmail and cargo landing at the country’s seaports and airports — will continue to undergo rigorous checks until further orders.

Incidentally, India is only one of the several countries that have tightened checks on Yemeni cargo and airliners following the interception of parcel bombs addressed to synagogues in Chicago at airports in Dubai and East Midlands in central England. While Germany has banned all flights from Yemen, Britain has threatened to ban all unaccompanied cargo from Yemen. Other European countries as well as Australia have ordered a rigorous security screening of all Yemeni cargo at airports across Europe as well as Australia.
The Economic Times

Invite to India from DDG PosTech

Dear Comrades,

At a recent conference, India Post gave a presentation that covered a few facts about the company in the light of its involvement with PosTech 2011.

Alka Jha, DDG PosTech, has invited the “entire global postal family” to PosTech 2011, to held in New Delhi on March 14-16. India Post’s Jha made the invite as she delivered a key-note presentation at the World Mail & Express Conference earlier this year.

Her slideshow outlined the technological advancement being undertaken in the Asian country, as well as outlining the company’s aspirations for PosTech 2011. Jha said that PosTech will benefit from the significant growth in Indian postal market, which is already tech-friendly and only improving. There will be a vast scope of interest, and “the entire global postal family should be there”, she said.

It was announced that India Post – the largest postal network in the world – is poised to become a modern, computerised postal network – with more than 12,000 post offices already networked.
They also revealed that there is a large focus on the development of in-house software, giving the SpeedNet software as an example. The Post also plans to further innovate via its Centre of Postal Technology Excellence, it was revealed.

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