Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ranbir's stamps are his treasure

Dear Comrades,

FEROZEPUR ROAD: Ranbir Singh Sandhu of Bhaiwala Chowk has a treasure trove of stamps at his place, which he started collecting in the year 2002. As a child he was fascinated by them but never thought one day he would have so many of them. Though he started late, but has managed to have a good collection. Ranbir used to purchase stamps from postal department and also gather full information about the stamps collectors of the country.

Today, Ranbir Singh Sandhu feels proud that he has something exceptional with him.
He said he used to see the philatelic collection on Internet and acquire information about the stamps of different countries. He has stamps of different themes, especially Sikhism, overprints, odd shapes and holograms in huge number and also the first day covers and special covers released by the postal department on special occasions.

An engineer and interior designer by profession, Ranbir said he has first stamp on Sikhism released by British government in India, which are rare. He said till date, he has participated in two philately exhibitions, one in Ludhiana and another in Patna. Many stamp lovers also admire his work. He has collected stamps from different cities, especially New Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala, Bangalore and Chennai.

Ranbir, 39, feels stamps are rich in history as through them one can get to know about various aspects of history and development phase of a particular nation. He has stamps of over 100 countries that he stocks in his albums. Not only stamps, Ranbir also has four antique gramphones, phulkaris and old lithograph and preserves them well. He said everyone who visits his place admires his interest, and he loves to flaunt his antique collection.
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