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Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) Guidelines – Modified check-list of papers/information to be submitted for consideration by DPC

Dear Comrades,


[Reference: Annexure-III to DoP&T Office Memorandum No.-22011/5/86-Estt(D) dated 10.04.1989]

Whether certificate from the designated office (Joint Secretary/Additional Secretary or equivalent) that the proposal is complete as per DoP&T Check-List has been enclosed :

(a) Whether already Notified :
(b) Whether up-to-date] complete and legible copy enclosed. :
(c) Whether rules are applicable on the date of occurrence of vacancy. :
(d) Does it provide for promotion on selection basis. :
(e) Whether promotion is from Group “B” to Group “A” :
(f) Whether promotion within Group “A” :
(g) Whether RRs provide association of UPSC with DPC :
(h) Has the Ministry/Department reviewed the Recruitment Rules which are in force for more than five years required by the instructions of the DoP&T O.M. No. AB-14017/12/87-Estt(RR) dated 18.03.1988 read with OM NO. AB-14017/2/97-Estt(RR) dated 25.05.1998 :
(i) If the review of the Recruitment Rules required amendment, whether the amendments have been notified as per the procedures (copy of notification to be enclosed) :

(a) Whether any relaxation involved. :
(b) If so, whether DoP&T consulted and a copy of notes/correspondence exchanged with DoP&T :

(a) Whether Proforma for referring DPC proposals to the UPSC as annexed to DoP&T Office Memorandum No.22011/5/86-Estt(D) dated 10-04-1989 enclosed :
(b) Whether signed by competent officer :
(c) Whether all columns filled properly :
(d) Whether composition of DPC indicated in proforma is as prescribed in th RRs/administrative orders issued by the Department (copy of order, if applicable, to be enclosed). :

(a) Whether complete and up-to-date seniority list of officers in the feeder grade furnished in the proforma as prescribed by the DoP&T Office Memorandum No. 22011/5/86-Estt(D) dated 10.04.1989. :
(b) Whether separate seniority lists/combined seniority list of all feeder grades furnished (in case more than one feeder grades exist) :
(c) Whether all the officers who were in position as on the crucial date (including those who have since retired/expired) have been included in the Seniority List.
(d) Whether the seniority list is certified to have been circulated to all concerned before finalization.
(e) Whether duly authenticated by an officer not below Under Secretary rank :
(f) Whether there is any discrepancy :
(g) Whether UPSC reference number given under which officers appointed/ recommended. :
(h) Whether changes in seniority list since the last DPC have been indicated. :

(a) Whether educational qualifications prescribed for direct recruitment applicable to promotees or otherwise specifically prescribed. :
(b) If so, whether details of educational qualifications of officers given. :
(c) Whether educational qualifications possessed by the officers in the zone of consideration match with those prescribed in RRs :
(d) Whether separate year-wise eligibility list for preparation of year-wise panels given, wherever applicable. :
(e) Whether all the officers who were in position as on the crucial date (including those who have since retired/expired) :
(f) Whether the date of regular appointment to the feeder grade is shown in eligibility list in case eligibility criteria for promotion inter-alia contemplates counting of such service in next below grade. :
(g) Whether the required number of officers in consideration zone (including SC/ST in the extended zone) :

(a) Whether date and manner of occurrence of vacancies given :
(b) Whether details of anticipated vacancies, if any, given :
(c) Whether copy of order furnished in case of new creation of posts/ proceeding of the incumbent on deputation for more than one year :
(d) Whether copy of order furnished in case of change of designation, if any, from that given in RRs :
(e) Whether reservation position as per DoP&T Office Memorandum No. 36012/2/96-Estt(Res) dated 02.07.1997 given (for Group “B” to “A”) :
(f) Whether a certificate from the Liaison Officer (SC/ST) of the Ministry/ Department to the effect that the number of posts reserved for SC/ST have been checked by him and found to be in order has been enclosed. :
Whether a self-contained note duly signed by an officer not below the rank of Under Secretary furnished :

(a) Whether ACRs of officers are written calendar year-wise or financial year-wise :
(b) Whether ACRs furnished for all eligible furnished for all eligible officers along with a detailed statement (as per Annexure IV of DoP&T Office Memorandum No.22011/5/86-Estt(D) :
(c) Whether ACRs are up-to-date with reference to year of panel as prescribed vide DoP&T Office Memorandum No. 22011/9/98-Estt(D) dated :
(d) Any incomplete ACRs? Position to be indicated on a separate sheet with reasons for missing/incomplete ACRs. :
(e) Is there any ACR which has not been reviewed/accepted by the Reviewing Officer/Accepting Officer? If so, whether details of such ACRs and reasons for non-review etc have been given :

(a) Whether Integrity Certificate in prescribed form (as per format provided in paragraph 4.2.5 of the DoP&T Office Memorandum No. 22011/5/86-Estt (D) dated 10.04.1989 give in respect of the eligible officers. :
(b) Whether recorded by an officer of Deputy Secretary Rank :
(c) Whether recorded for all eligible officers, specific by name :
(d) Whether a formal certificate given in respect of officers, if any, whose integrity certificate is withheld. :

(a) Whether Vigilance Clearance in respect of eligible officers given specifically (as required vide DoP&T Office Memorandum No. 22011/4/91-Estt(A) dated 14.09.1992) :
(b) Whether names of officer, if any, not clear from vigilance angle given. :
(c) Whether charge-sheet served/prosecution sanction issued on all the officers not clear from vigilance angle. :

Whether a statement showing major/minor penalties if any imposed upon the eligible officers during last ten year has been enclosed. :

(a) Has UPSC reference number, if any, for previous DPC, given :
(b) Whether all officers recommended by the previous DPC have been promoted (copy of orders to be enclosed). :
[Note:- A fresh panel for the same year/grade during the currency of the previous panel could be prepared in terms of instructions contained in paragraph 6 of the Department of Personnel and Training Office Memorandum No.22011/9/98-Estt(D) dated 08-09-1998 (Model Calendar for DPCs). However, it shall be ensured that officers included in the earlier panel are promoted before officers from the next panel are picked up].

(a) Whether the crucial date for determining eligibility has been taken as 1st January as provided in the DoP&T Office Memorandum No.22011/9/98-Estt(D) dated 08.09.1998 (Model Calendar for DPCs). However, it shall be ensured that officers included in the earlier panel are promoted before officers from the next panel are picked up]. :
(b) Whether the time-schedule for sending the proposal to the UPSC as laid down in the Model Calendar for DPCs adhered to, if not, reasons therefor. :

(a) Whether proposal for Review DPC is covered by DoP&T guidelines dated 10.04.1998 :
(b) Whether proposal for Review DPC is covered by DoP&T Guidelines dated 10.04.1989 :
(c) Whether copy of order (revising the seniority/expunging the adverse remarks etc) necessitating the review has been furnished :
(d) Whether a detailed Note for DPC giving reasons for review has been furnished :
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