Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Dear Comrades,

For Respected Comrades Visiting Dwarka in Diamond jubilee celebration on 23-24 November, 2014

Dear Comrades,
Reception Committee welcomes all Legend Leaders, Central Working Committee Members of all affiliated unions of NFPE and invited guests at Dwarka. 

Kindly consider following instructions:

1. There is nice and adequate arrangement at the venue of the function to accommodate all CWC participants and invited guests. Double bad rooms will be shared by four members. Each union will be provided rooms considering eligible CWC participants and they have to adjust accordingly.

2. We have booked whole building having 58 two bad rooms and 8 four bad rooms at the venue. There is no spare or extra rooms in which any comrade coming with family or additional members can be accommodated. So any member coming with extra person or family has to book, at own cost, another accommodation elsewhere. A room @Rs. 200 to 400 can be easily procured even by a stranger. It will be easily and readily available near Dwarka temple itself and Reception Committee will also help in this. Advance arrangement can be done if email showing no.of person and room requirements is sent in advance to : rashminpurohit@rediffmail.com

3. All (except special invitee only) members will pay Rs.1000/- as Delegation Fee. A memorable momentum, bag and other materials includung passes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be given. Reception committee incurs catering expenditure @Rs.600/- per person. For those who takes accommodation elsewhere will be given passes only @Rs.500/-.

4. Accommodation will be available  from 11:00 a.m. on 22-11-14 and all rooms shall have to be vacated latest by 8:00 a.m. on 25-11-14. For Gujarat circle working committee members accommodation can be available only from 23-11-14 morning and up to 24th noon.

5. There is strict restriction in Gujarat on consumption of alcohol. No liquor will be allowed. This will be strictly observed. Particularly Dwarka being pilgrimage place, no Non-veg food can be prepared or allowed.

6. All delegates from all unions of Gujarat coming in Circle working committee meetings or as visitors will pay Rs.500/- as delegate fees. No exceptions for anyone except specially invited guests. Momeno will be given only to CWC members of all circle unions through their CS only.

7. This is our own function. It is our joint venture. Till advertisements are not coming. All DS outside Gujarat are requested to send at least two advertisements. All divisions in Gujarat should now take all pains to procure advertisements as many as possible.

Special pre pray:
A special warm farewell will be given to Respected Comrade M. Krishnan to acknowledge his dedicated and glittering role as a leader of NFPE and to wish him for successful performance as S.G. Confederation of C.G. Employees.

All C.S. can come with preparation to register their presence in this program. This farewell will be given by all CHQs.

Again, with warm welcome to all

Rashmin Purohit
CS P.3 & working Chairman
Reception Committee
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