Sunday, August 2, 2015


Dear Comrades,

A first ever and first kind of Divisional Workshop on Core Banking Solutions (a part of IT Modernization Project) comprising all ASPOs, IPOs, Postmasters, Sub-Postmasters, System Administrators, SBCO staff has been conducted on 02.08.2015 at Jeypore(K) under the guidance of Shri Daitari Rana, SSPOs, Koraput Division.

A grand gathering was seen in the CBS workshop comprising officers/officials from various corners and cadres of Koraput Division.

A slide show presentation was displayed and elaborated by Shri Amiya Ranjan Maharana, Office Assistant, PMU Cell with the help of Shri Purna Chandra Maharana, SA, Jeypore(K) HO and Shri Pradeep Sahu, SA, Koraput HO.

A brief discussion/interaction was held on various topics like Data digitization process, Utilization of MDE tool, signature scanning, transmission of DET, network connectivity, submission of DPT files and uploading data in MIS, problems related Genset & UPS, CSI roll out, AV/AD, implementation of CBS Finacle, Mail Network Optimization, Speednet/R Net/ e-Payment/eMO communication modules, SBCO objections, MC-Camish for PLI/RPLI etc.

Shri Purna chandra Maharana explained step by step data entry process in MDE tool along with probable issues with DET transmission, transmission of message files related to Speednet, R Net, e-MO/e-Payment, Finacle etc. and solutions thereof.

Shri S C Barei, Supervisor, SBCO, Jeypore(K) HO discussed about reasons and settlement of SB/SBCO objections.

A booklet was compiled on the above subjects containing gist and procedural guidelines and distributed to all participants for sharing of knowledge, trouble shooting and procedure to take action to deal with field problems with relevant contact details.

Under active guidance of Shri Daitari Rana, SSPOs and with the help of Shri H.S.Mahapatra, ASPOs(Hqr), Shri Purna Chandra Maharana, SA, Jeypore(K) HO, Shri Pradeep Ku Sahoo, SA, Koraput HO, Shri K C Mishra, OA, J branch, Shri Sanuj Nayak, Treasurer, Jeypore(K) HO, Shri S K Mahapatra, OA, Establishment, the CBS workshop was a grand success on the day celebrated as Friendship day.

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