Friday, November 25, 2016

Union meeting with Shri Jaleswar Kanhar, hon'ble PMG, Sambalpur/Berhampur Region on 25.11.2016 at Jeypore(K) HO

Dear Comrades,

Shri Jaleswar Kanhar, hon'ble Postmaster General, Sambalpur Region who was in dual charge of Berhampur Region was on visit to Koraput Division on 25.11.2016. Com. P C Maharana, Divisional Secretary, Gr-C alongwith Com. Nilambar Naik, Divisional Secretary, Postmen & MTS and Com. R P Sahu, Divisional Secretary, GDS had attended a meeting with the PMG in the evening hour at Jeypore(K) HO. A memorandum was submitted to him describing various issues being faced by officials and union requested him to take kind necessary action at the earliest for solving the same. Shri Jaleswar Kanhar, hon'ble PMG discussed the problems minutely and directed the authority to take specific action on the demands. The memorandum and snaps of the visit are published hereunder.

We, on behalf of AIPEU Group-C, Postmen & MTS and GDS, Koraput Divisional Branch, Jeypore do submit this memorandum to the hon’ble Postmaster General, Berhampur Region, Berhampur to kindly take positive measures on the unavoidable problems and vital issues of this Division. 
1.      Action is requested for de-quarterization of dilapidated and damaged Post attached quarters in Koraput Division and allowing payment of HRA from the date of joining. Such buildings are practically inhabitable and staying therein is a threat to the life of the employees. Example: Koraput R.S. S.O., Gunupur SO, Laxmipur SO, Kotpad S.O., Padwa S.O., Chitrakonda S.O., Semiliguda S.O., Jharigam S.O., Dongerbheja S.O., Lachipeta S.O., Machkund S.O., Jolaput S.O., Ambadola S.O., B.Singhpur S.O. and Saradhapali S.O. etc.

2.      Action is requested to take welfare measures for the employees by allotting sufficient fund and sanctioning all pending TA bills, CEA, LTC, OTA & Medical bills.

3.      Action is requested for initiating steps at higher end for construction of Departmental building and staff quarters at Malkangiri, Gunupur (Marathiguda) and Sunabeda-2. Also it is requested for construction of a permanent record room (including PLI/RPLI) and recreation club room for Jeypore(K) HO.

4.      Action is requested for AMC for regular maintenance of Server/Computers/Printers/Gensets/UPS (40 Nos.) etc. New computer systems (Server: Jeypore HO) with its peripherals including printers (Laser/Dot Matrix/Passbook) may kindly be supplied to all needy POs replacing old systems/printers. A few set of PCs and printers may kindly be kept as back up at Divisional office to be used in cases of complete system failure at POs. Standard and required furnitures/stationeries should be supplied to each PO as per their need. Partiality has been noticed while supplying the UPS/Printer etc. to particular PO leaving other needy POs.

5.      CCTV Cameras and Fire extinguishers may be replaced with new ones and regular maintenance may be done making AMC, (Jeypore HO & Koraput HO).

6.      The Project-Arrow Standee placed in front of Jeypore(K) HO and the Divisional Office Name Board is in miserable condition, both of them may be changed to visible better.

7.      Fake note detector-cum-counting Machines should be supplied to all the Post Offices on immediate basis. Clear instructions may be issued for supply/removal of excess cash from/to SOs/BOs on priority basis and to safeguard the Pos keeping huge amount of cash with them in view of demonetisation. Aquaguard with fridge installed in Jeypore(K) HO may be repaired/replaced immediately.

8.      Frequent network failures (sify) as well as poor network connectivity in maximum Post office are causing extreme difficulty while performing day to day office work. Suitable concrete action may be taken at higher end to prevent the same.   
Postmen & MTS
1.   Action is requested to supply of uniform with kit to all Postman & MTS.

1.      Cycle maintenance allowances and office maintenance allowances are not paid to the eligible GDS employees. Combined duty allowances/office/house rent are not paid to the GDS employees where the BPM/MD/MC posts are lying vacant since years together and it has been observed that they are being ordered to work in another BO which are beyond 15-20 Kms away from his/her parent BO. Action is requested for payment of such allowances as well as to fill up all vacant GDS Posts in Koraput Division at the earliest.

2.      Inaction has been noticed for non-payment of Bonus to the GDS officials under Koraput HO till date.

3.      Action is requested not to allow outsiders on daily wage basis instead GDS employees should only be brought to such duties.

Common Item
Action is requested for early supply of Identity Cards to all the employees (Gramin Dak Sevaks, Postman & MTS and Group-“C”) of Koraput Division keeping in view of grave Naxalite / Maoist situations. 

(Rajendra Prasad Sahu)          (Nilambar Naik)            (Purna Chandra Maharana)
      Divn.Secy, GDS        Divn. Secy, Postmen & MTS   Divn. Secretary, AIPEU Gr-C
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