Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Dear Comrades,


Dear comrade

The circular letter of the Secretary General, which has been placed on the website on 8th May, 2013 has given the list of the National Secretariat members elected at the National Conference of the Confederation held at Kolkata from 4th to 6th May, 2013.  The West Bengal State Committee of the Confederation had made very good arrangements for the conduct of the conference.  We are extremely grateful to them for the efforts undertaken by them to hold the Conference within such a short notice. A detailed letter from the desk of the   Secretary General will appear on the website shortly.

I write this to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to the members of the outgoing Secretariat, the leaders of various affiliates of the Confederation, the State Committee members and the Secretaries and other active comrades for the help, guidance and assistance rendered to me to discharge my functions as the Secretary General of the Confederation   Together we can be proud that we  could bring about a very systematic and democratic functioning of our organisation during the last three years.

But for the unstinted co-operation extended  by all of you, I truly believe and realise that we could not have registered this spectacular success.   We had a very turbulent period in the last three years for we chose to tread the path of sustained struggle. We could ensure the participation of a large number of our members in the three general strike actions organised by the joint platform of Indian working class besides the one day strike on our own demands.  Apart from these higher forms of trade union actions we did organise quite a number of demonstrative actions during this period. But for your personal involvement, this could not have been possible.  
I am personally indebted to every one of you which I may not be able to repay during my life time. I shall cherish my association with all of you for the rest of my life and take this opportunity to convey my sincere thanks and gratitude from the bottom of my heart.

Promising my fullest endeavour and involvement in the days to come in our joint endeavour to build Confederation as a mighty trade union organisation, and
with greetings,
Yours fraternally,
K.K.N. Kutty,President
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