Sunday, June 28, 2015


An Appeal to the Members of

AIPEU Group-‘C’
AIPEU Postmen/MTS 

and all members who are yet to join AIPEU (NFPE)

Dear Comrades,

          With deepest gratitude and appreciation towards our all members, AIPEU Koraput Divisional Branch is contented to appraise it’s happiness for the overwhelming response shown towards AIPEU, NFPE organization which is the only one to fight brave against the anti-employee steps planned and taken by the Dept./Govt. We are truly thankful for support of maximum members who have kept their strong support and faith on AIPEU, NFPE. Also we sincerely make appeal to other members who have not joined AIPEU, NFPE that they should ‘think, analyze and evaluate the glorious activities of NFPE keeping itself ahead of all others and ready to launch protest/strike against any negative move by the administration/ department against employees’ and join this mighty employee welfare oriented organization immediately.

Analysis the history of NFPE and you will be sure enough to have no second thought while joining AIPEU, National Federation of Postal Employees which is the only Federation in the Department continuously fighting for providing justice to all members till date and will always in future. So, join NFPE optimistically.

AIPEU Koraput Divisional Branch appeals sincerely to you all once again for giving your Authorization Letters only to the Divisional Secretary, All India Postal Employees Union, Group-C or Divisional Secretary, All India Postal Employees Union, Postmen/MTS cadre wise or authorized person chosen by them.


Please don’t sign more than one Authorization Letter and don’t handover to any other union except AIPEU, Group-C / AIPEU Postmen/MTS, else your membership will be seized till next verification process.

Let’s remain united and strong for protection of our greater interest.

         Nilambar Naik               Purna Chandra Maharana
Divisional Secretary, AIPEU Postmen/MTS   Divisional Secretary, AIPEU Group-C
Koraput Divisional Branch                           Koraput Divisional Branch
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