Saturday, January 9, 2016


Dear Comrades,

26th AIC of AIPEU Postmen and MTS held at Ujjain from 02nd January 2016 to 04th January 2016 remained successful. The venue of the conference was named as. Adinarayana Nagar (Premchhaya Parisar Chamunda MataChauraha Ujjain (MP.) Holding of AIC Second Time is itself a great achievement of MP Circle under the leadership of Com. R.K Yadav, Circle Secretary (MP) circle and his team which was given a very short notice to host the AIC.

CWC held on 02nd January 2016 under the presidentship of Comrade Vikram Shah, President CHQ,   all CHQ office bearers and Circle Secretaries were present. CWC approved AIC notice, draft report and audited  account.  Resolutions on organizational issues moved by CWC .

            On 3rd January 2016 at 0930 AM colorful procession held in main streets of Ujjain and came back to Conference Hall. At 1030  AM flag hosting programme held. NFPE flag was hosted by Com. Giriraj Singh, President NFPE. P-4 flag was hosted by Com. Vikram Shah, President (CHQ). All leaders and delegates paid floral tribute to martyrs who dedicated their lives for the welfare of the nation. Open Session started at 11.00 AM with songs from delegates. Reception Committee welcomed all dignitaries at dais. Chairman Reception Committee Sh. Devkinandan Silavat welcomed all dignitaries, leaders and invitees. Open Session inaugurated by Com. A.K.Padmanabhan, National President CITU and addressed the house with present situation of the working class in India and 7th CPC retrograde recommendations also other burning issues pertaining to postal department regarding economic policy of the Government and stressed for the necessity for the unity of the working class and  continuing struggle to achieve our goals. To bring justice to the low paid GDS and Casual Contingent labors  working in the department of posts. Prof Chintamani Malviya, Member Parliament Ujjain greeted the conference and assured NDA Government   is having much concern with the working class and will  solve the problems relating to 7th CPC issues. Sh. Babu Lal Jain, Vice President, Yojana Ayog MP, also greeted the occasion. Guest of honour,Sh. AK Rai, Postmaster General Indore Region addressed the session and highlighted the modernization and digital India in the department of posts with special stress on e-commerce to generate high revenue in the department and also appreciated the services of postmen in this regard. Com. M.Krishnan, Secretary General Confederation and Ex General Secretary NFPE elaborated 7th CPC retrograde recommendations and further rectification of those demands  and stressed how future struggles are important responsibility of NFPE and exclusively P-4 union to make these struggle with success. Decision   for Indefinite strike in the month of March 2016 by NJCA are already under process. Confederation fully endorsed the indefinite Strike call  and campaigning to be observed have already been decided. Unity is very much essential to achieve  goal  and aims.Com. R.N. Parashar, Secretary General NFPE and General Secretary P-3 addressed the house stating that it is the high time to gird up loins to achieve our aims at all costs against the 7th pay retrograde recommendations.  Com Giriraj Singh President NFPE and  General Secretary R-III addressed the house over the burning issues of the employees and asked the employees to remain united to take full fledged  participation in the indefinite strike and time to time campaigns calls given by NFPE and confederation. Com P Suresh, General Secretary R-4 also addressed the house and explained totally unjustified 7th CPC retrograde recommendation and asked to remain united to achieve our goals. Open session was witnessed by 1200 members

            On 04th January 2016 delegate session held under the presidentship of Com. Vikram Shah, President CHQ in which  498 delegate and 522 visitors attended the conference  with 291 divisions participated comparatively participation of divisions and delegate improved in numbers even though more than 240 divisions not participated. 41 delegates participated in the deliberation all CHQ office bearers and Circle Secretaries also placed their views. Delegate session was also addressed by Com Des Raj Sharma, Ex General Secretary p-4, Com Ishwar Singh Dabas, Ex General SecretarP-4y, Com. P.Pandurangarao, General Secretary GDS NFPE, Com. Nagabhushnam working president of Casual and Contingent Labour, Com S.K. Humayun, Ex CHQ President, Com M Neelappa Ex AGS, Com. Karunanidhi Ex JCM leader, Com Shiv Narayanam Ex P-3 President, Com RY Sindhe, Ex CHQ office bearers, Com Mannu Bhai Parmar(Gujarat), Com. Shivgurunathan and many veterans of NFPE. The General Secretary presented the draft of biennial report for adoption, and audited account for the year 2013-14 and 2014-15, which was presented by the treasurer Com Mukal Chandar alongwith relevant audited report for adoption were adopted after discussion. The General Secretary replied all question raised by the delegates. About 15 resolutions on staff problems were discussed and adopted. For  sectional demands in the department of Posts including  few rectification of 7th CPC recommendations  and GDS casual labourers problems/issues, important issues  like filling up of vacancies laid in the department. AIC felt it is need of the hour to go on agitational programme and NFPE has to chalk out programme independently or under JCA immediately.. Policy programme for future course of action were placed and also adopted. AIC has also taken decision to take part in the struggle for exclusively postal department .Felicitation to Com Mukal Ch Das Treasurer CHQ , Com T.K,Shivdasan AGS out going CHQ Office bearers and Com. Bahadur Singh Circle Secretary J&K retired given by CHQ.

            After presesidential address vote of thanks was rendered by the General Secretary. The service rendered by Com. R.K Yadav Circle Secretary)MP), Com Devkinandan Silavate, Com R.K Jain, BL Yadav, Com CL Savravate, Com. L.N. Kohli, Com. Shyamasunder Mngrola  and many others members of  Reception Committee are highly appreciated for arrangement good  food and accommodation during short notice. Various leaders for their arrival and message, CHQ Office bearers and Circle Secretaries/’delegates/visitors for their active participation to make our 26th AIC successful.

The following office bearers for the period 2016-2018 were elected unanimously:

Sr. No
Elected Post in the union
Official designation and working place
Com. Balkrishna H Chalke
Postman VJB V PO (Maharashtra)
Working President
Com. Debabrate Mohante
 Postman Jajpur HO (Odisha)
Vice President
Com. Mainul Haque
Postman Ulubari PO (Assam)
Com. S.T.Taraiya
Postman Rajkot HO (Gujarat)
Com.Manohar Lal Sen
Postman Jodhpur HO(Rajasthan)
General Secretary
Com. R.Seethalakshmi
Postman Bangalore City PO (Karnatka)
Deputy General Secretary
Com. Vikram Shah
MTS Lucknow GPO (Uttar Pradesh)
Asstt. General Secretary
Com. Subhash Chakravarthy
 Postman East Kolkata  West Bengal
Com. Chandrasekhar
Postman Gudur (NL) PO (A.P)
Com. P.Thirumagan
Postman Vellore HO (Tamilnadu)
Com. Ramesh Dabas
Postman Mayapur PO (Delhi)
Asstt Treasurer
Com. Amar Kumar Mishra
Postman  BK Steel City PO (Jharkhand)
Org Secretary
Com. Ram Nath Pande
Cash Overseer Hazipur HPO Bihar
Com. M.U.Janardhanan
Postman Kannur PO Kerala
Com. Shyamsunder Mangrola
Postman Indore GPO Madhya Pardesh

All India Women Sub Committee P-4 Union was constituted as under:
1.  Com. Anitha Thakur Convener (West Bengal)
1.  Com. G Jamuna (Kerala)
2.  Com. K.C. Prabha (Kerala)
3.  Com. Chandravathi (Odisha)
4.  Com Shoba (Karnatka)
5.  Com. P Premalatha (Andhra)
General Secretary
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