Thursday, January 28, 2016

Total disruption of work in CBS offices due to link failure, sluggish connectivity & lack of ground level infrastructure, putting public & staff to untold miseries

Dear Comrades,
                      N F P E
Trilochan Parida                                            R.C.Mishra          
President                                                 Circle Secretary
                                       Vice-President CHQ & Leader RJCM
                                                                                                E-mail ID

No. UN/AIPEU, Gr-C/Odisha/01-2015       ated-25-01-2016.

           Sri Tilak De, IPoS.
           The Chief Post Master General
           Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar-751001.

Sub- Total disruption of work in CBS offices due to link failure, sluggish connectivity & lack of ground level infrastructure, putting public & staff to untold miseries.

Ref- This Circle Union’s letter of even number 20-07-2015, dated 09-09-2015, dated 17-10-2015, Four Monthly Meeting Agenda item No-1 vide letter dated 26-10-2015, letter dated 07-01-2016, dated 08-01-2016.

Respected Sir,

The matter on the grave situation of CBS offices have been brought through letter under references and also by direct discussion. It is matter of great concern that no result orienting action is forthcoming to combat with the alarming situations in all CBS Offices for which there has been total disruption of works in the CBS Post Office, putting undue hardship to the employees working in Finacle and causing strong discontentment among our valued customers. The prevailing of sluggish connectivity in CBS Offices and total link failure from Central Server are the prominent factors for paralysation of transactions in CBS Offices for days together, causing anguish among our customers. The poor Postal employees working in the Finacle are the victim of the anguish of public which become frequent phenomenon. The bandwidth of the CBS offices has not been provided as per Directorate instructions and inspite of poor connectivity there is hasty conversion of non-CBS Offices to CBS platform, adding to the miseries to the employees & customers, as well. In January-2016, there is target in Odisha Circle to convert 19 offices on 23-01-2016, 37 Post offices on dated 27-01-2016 and 33 Post offices on dated 29-01-2016 to CBS without giving stable connectivity to those offices converted already to CBS platform.
Recently, on dated 12-01-2016 to 15-01-2016 there was total connectivity failure from Central Server causing paralysation of total transactions in 408 offices (Out of 438 CBS Offices) in Odisha Circle and there is full stop in transaction in 13000 CBS offices at All India level.

We are receiving strong resentment of staff from all corners of the Circle on blind operation of the scheme without preparing proper ground level infrastructure, torturing of employees working in CBS Finacle and also exposure of strong resentment among public for want of proper service.

This Circle Union demands for immediate remedial actions to following major problems to maintain peace & tranquillity in the entire Circle and in case of failing to resolve the issues within reasonable time to stop atrocities on staff, the union will have no options but to adopt trade union actions.

1- The Bandwidth between BSNL Cloud and Central Server should be enhanced for smooth functioning of finacle  2- All Offices should be provided with minimum Bandwidth of 512 KBPS as per formulae 256 KBPS per Node + 128 KBPS.
2- To stop inhuman orders issued by CPC & calling aver telephones to come beyond office hour for clearance of blocking validations. If the work of the day is not finished within time due to slow connectivity & unseen technical problems the staff should leave the offices after end of the office and attend next day on usual time to complete previous day’s work first and then start the to-day’s work.
3- To stop conversion of offices & data migrations etc till completion normalcy in connectivity and proper running of Finacle.
4- Payment of due compensation to staff on detention after office hours.
5- Protection to staff & office valuables due to unpleasant situations created by customers for slow running of Finacle & link failure.
6- Supply of required hardware & technical support to the CBS offices.
7- To remove all the soft ware problems causing hardship to staff in working.
8- Supply of Pass book printers and Ledger Printers to all CBS Offices.
9- Stop directing staff to attend on holidays & Sundays.
10- Stop directing staff for data entries as Infosys has been entrusted for the matter and remove hurdles for data entry below three thousand accounts.

We appeal once again, for appropriate actions to all the above problems to avert strong dis-contentment and on-going frustration prevailing among staff pouring from all angles.

Yours faithfully

Circle Secretary
Copy to- Com. R.N.Parashar, Secretary General NFPE and S.G AIPEU, Gr-C for favour of information. Inspite of flow of allegations from all circles to NFPE & CHQ on hasty implementation of CBS without preparing ground level infrastructure, inhuman orders from the administrations, non-satisfactory service by Infosys, Sify in providing proper software, connectivity, failure of link from the central server The lives of P3 employees in the Circle, All India has become miserable & painful. The officials working in CBS & CIS are rendering service for 12 hours per day and their social lives have been ruined due to arbitrary orders of the administrations. Please take up the issue at CBS Directorate as quick as possible, before too late, to resolve all the problems related to CBS & CIS to maintain peace & tranquillity.
2- All Circle Office Bearers & Divisional Secretaries for information. 
Circle Secretary
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