Friday, August 12, 2016

Seventh CPC Arrears Calculator Readme

Dear Comrades,

Seventh CPC arrears calculator Readme

In order to facilitate drawal and disbursement of arrears of pay and allowances arising out of implementation of Seventh pay commission an arrears calculator is designed which will be a small module working as an extension of the Accounts main module.  This document provides help on the usage of this module to correctly draw the arrears.

This application requires no installation. The executable file titled SeventhCPCArears.exe needs to be downloaded along with config.xml file.  The Config.xml and the application can be copied to the any folder in the system where the Accounts main module is running.  After copying the Config.xml file open the file using notepad and locate the entry corresponding to YourSQLServerNameReplace the “YourSQLServername” With the name of your Accounts SQL Server Name and Save the file.

In case there were instances of short or excess payments to certain officials such data corrected using this application. Now, when the application is executed (by double click), the login screen appears as below.

The login screen displays the user names available in Accounts main module.  On successful login, the calculator dialog box appears as below with the ArrearsCalculator tab selected by default
Select official one by one basic pay for January 2016 will displayed automatically, if official salary draw otherwise enter the basic pay, if official is under NPS select NPS scheme otherwise NPS amount will not deduct, click on insert button official details will displayed then click on Submit button, once click on submit button calculated arrears amount displayed, once calculation details displayed click on Save button for save the arrears details   


Any difference in the arrears,  click the Modify tab in the application and the following window appears, Click Fetch Details to obtain the amount calculated.
Now click the Edit button which will populate all the text boxes as below:
You can observe that the Arrears Total text box is non editable for officials whose arrears data is available. You can now enter the appropriate amount whose data is ready with you in other text boxes click Update button. You have to complete this task for all the officials.

Next, click the Reports tab to generate various reports. The following dialog box appears.
Once you are sure that all corrections are over, you can proceed with drawl of arrears. Please note that once you click the drawl of arrears button further correction of data is not possible.
When you click the Drawal of Arrears report the dialog box appears as below

Please quote the sanction memo received and the next bill number from the bill register and click Draw to complete the bill drawal. You get the following message box on completion.

Now, you can login to other bills module and prepare the acquittance rolls as for other bills.  You can generate various other reports in this module itself.
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