Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Expansion of Postal and Telecom Circles

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Expansion of Postal and Telecom Circles 

There is no proposal for expansion of Postal Circles. However, modernization of Post Offices in all Postal Circles is underway.

The Government has initiated a project called “Project Arrow” for modernization of Postal Circles across the country. The project envisages upgradation of post offices in urban and rural areas both in terms of upgrading and enhancing the quality of service in ‘core areas’ and improving their ‘look and feel’. The project aims at creating a conducive and friendly work environment both for the staff and the customers visiting the Post Offices, providing connectivity, and improving the service quality levels in the core business areas.

The Government has also approved a proposal for IT modernization of all Post Offices of Department of Posts.

During 2011-12, for computerization of Post Offices, an amount of Rs.90.39 crores approximately was spent. For Project Arrow, during 2012-13, an outlay of Rs.84.00 crores has been earmarked to cover 500 post offices throughout the country.

The Government has approved the Modernization Project for a total plan out lay of Rs.1877.2 crores. The Modernization Project of the Department of Posts includes computerization of all the non-computerised Post Offices in the country including supply of Rural ICT Hardware devices and peripherals in the Branch Post Offices in the Rural Areas, development of scalable, integrated and modular software covering all the operations of Department of Posts and establishment of required IT infrastructure. The implementation of this Project has been proposed through eight RFPs. The functional RFPs are at various stages of finalization. The rollout of the Project is expected to be completed by 2014. Thereafter, Circle-wise allocation will be made.

As regards Telecom Circles, the information is being collected and will be presented immediately on being made available by Department of Telecommunications.

This information was given in Lok Sabha today by Shri Sachin Pilot, the Minister of State, Communication and Information Technology in response to a question.


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