Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Performance-based bonuses for babus soon

Dear Comrades,

NEW DELHI: Government on Thursday said that it was working on guidelines through inter-departmental consultations to give performance-based incentives to its employees over and above their regular salary.

"The sixth Central Pay Commission (CPC) has recommended introduction of new performance based pecuniary benefit, over and above the regular salary, for government employees," MoS for department and personnel V Narayanasamy told the Rajya Sabha in a written reply.

He said, "The benefit will be called Performance Related Incentive Scheme (PRIS) and will be payable taking into account performance of employees during the period under consideration. The recommendation has been accepted by the government. Guidelines are being worked out through inter-departmental consultation."

Though the fourth and fifth pay commissions had also recommended performance-based incentives for central government employees, the successive governments had not accepted it and put the proposal in cold storage due to the absence of any credible benchmark for measuring their performance.

The UPA-II had, however, accepted the proposal of the sixth pay commission and asked a panel of secretaries last year to come out with a formula for disbursing incentives under the PRIS among employees of 62 central government departments. The CoS had met several times since then and been in the process of fine-tuning the guidelines.

Responding to another question, Narayanasamy said that the Centre has amended All India Services Rules this year to enable the Central government to ask a (non-performing) member of the service to retire in public interest.

"The Central government may, in consultation with the state government concerned, require a Member of the Service to retire from service in public interest, after giving such Member at least three month's previous notice in writing or three month's pay and allowances," the minister said.

The TOI had reported this in February.


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