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India Post : First get the basics right

Dear Comrades,
I bet you have not been to a post office for years. I too haven’t. So I do not know much about what’s going on there.
But I am delighted when i google top news for Indian Post office. Apparently, it is undergoing a big makeover. It is opening up ATMs. It is going hi-tech and has geotagged 1.5 lakh post offices. Through a mobile app, it is monitoring timely clearances of the letter boxes. It will start postal payments bank by 2017 and will start selling third party products. Big companies from Citibank to Barclays and Bajaj Auto Finance seem to be interested. It has earned Rs 1300 crore in 2015-16 by delivering e-tailers cash-on-delivery consignments.


Dear Comrades,

DEMANDS DAY – 10.06.2016

            There is no need to elaborate the miseries and sufferings we are facing at base level after the implementation of Finacle, (CBS & CIS) and the mental torture.

            The NFPE and P-III CHQ is aware of the issues and properly placed before the Department vide its letter dated 22.01.2016, 11.02.2016 & 25.04.2016.Further it was brought to the personal notice of the Hon’ble Minister of communication. However, the progress in resolving the Finacle issues is in slow nail causing resentment and unrest amidst officials.

            The assurance of the Department on 28.03.2016 in providing two more server by Infosys to solve the Finacle problem has not been carried out yet. The increase in the bandwidth as per the requirement of the office has not been carried out in any circle.
            Adding fuel to fire, the department’s recent decision in implementing the Business hours of Post office to the extent of 5 hours for monetary transactions has not been exercised. Some circles like Tamilnadu, Haryana etc. have sought clarifications to prevent the implementation of the decision without minding the existing sufferings of officials due to faulty functioning of Finacle & others and the officials are forced to remain in office in late hours. There is every risk for the women employees to leave office late every day.

            For the last ten days, there is poor access and even no access in Finacle continuously throughout the nation affecting the public and staff very badly. This is nothing but due to the incapacity of the servers provided by Infosys. The department is not in a position either to correct things or apply the penal provisions against the vender. The existing position in Finacle is nothing but the last straw on camel’s back.
            The recent conversations unofficially held between the Infosys and some staff exhibited in the website will reveal the fact. We must know who is committing mistake after mistake. Whether the officers dealing the Finacle are aware of all the software and hardware oriented issues. Are they simply hearing and acting as per the dictums of the vendors? Howe many times we are going to alter our rulings to suit the requirement of vendors? Will there be any time to the officials to go through the routine daily circulars on CBS functioning in the pressure of work?

            We lost our patience. Even though, we suffer voluntarily a lot as we feel it is the transition period, in the implementation of Finacle, it is felt now that without settlement of the Problems, the Department is inclined to proclaim that it has implemented the Finacle more in numbers than the leading banks and also without any Quality and good service to the customer.

            Under these circumstances, the NFPE and P-III CHQ has elaborately written a letter to the Department on 26.05.2016, detailing all the problems being existed in Finacle and McCamish and sought remedies within a fort night. In the event of non-settlement, the CHQ has decided to launch the following programme of action culminating to strike action.

10th June        -           Demands Day - Demonstration at divisional/branch levels

17th June        -           Dharna in front of Circle office

30th June       -      Demonstration in front of Dak Bhawan & issue of strike notice.  (The date will be decided with consultation of NFPE & JCA constituents)

            The major demands put forth in the programme of action.

1.    Provide additional servers and solve the Finacle problem
2.    Increase the bandwidth as per the requirement.
3.    Implement the decision of Directorate on Business hours.
4.    Drop all Memos & Charge sheets issued due to Finacle minor mistake.
5. Implementation of action on all the points put forth in the CHQ letter dated 26.05.2016.

            This programme is nothing but to save the Postal Service from the existing chaos and confusions. Even though we desire peace, we have been pushed in to the wall. We could not tolerate furthermore.

            All Divisional/Branch and Circle Secretaries are requested to organize the programme very effectively and intimate compliance. The NFPE and P-III CHQ will leave no stone unturned in the event of no settlement is seen in this serious issue.

Empowered Committee recommend a slight increase in the Minimum Wage and No revision in Fitment and Pay Matrix – Confederation News

Dear Comrades,

“Empowered Committee has made up their mind to recommend to the Government a slight increase in the Minimum Wage. No indication was however given as to the consequential revision of the Fitment Formula and Pay Matrix. There had also not been any hint about the need to restore the percentage of the HRA, which the 7th CPC has recommended for reduction.”
National Joint Council of Action
4, State Entry Road New Delhi-110055
Ph: 011-23365912, 23343493, Fax: 23363167
Dated May 27, 2016
All Constituent Organisations,
National Council(JCM)
Dear Comrades,
As there had been no response from the Government to our communication dated 2nd May, 2016, we decided to seek an appointment with the Cabinet Secretary. Accordingly a delegation consisting of the following members of the NJCA met Cabinet Secretary, Shrl P.K. Sinha on 26. May 2016.
Com. Shiva Gopal Misra Com.
Guman Singh
Corn. K.K.N. Rutty
From the discussions, it appears that, the Empowered Committee has made up their mind to recommend to the Government a slight increase in the Minimum Wage. No indication was however given as to the consequential revision of the Fitment Formula and Pay Matrix. There had also not been any hint about the need to restore the percentage of the HRA, which the 7th CPC has recommended for reduction. On Advances and Allowances, abolished, the Government might be advised to setup a committee to go into the matter and make suggestions. In the matter of the New Contributory Pension Scheme also, the Government might refer the demand to a committee.
On the question of pension benefit to the retired personnel, who are covered by the defined benefit pension scheme, the Cabinet secretary indicated that, both the Department of Pension and Defence Ministry were of the firm view that the first option recommended by the 7th CPC to bring about the parity with the past pensioners being infeasible and impracticable (due to the non-availability of the requisite records) might not be accepted and acted upon.
Surprised over this development, the delegation requested for an official formal meeting of the Standing Committee so that the considered views of the Staff Side could be presented. The delegation informed to the Cabinet Secretary that, non-acceptance of the recommendation of the 7th CPC in the case of pensioners will be extremely disappointing for them and will give rise to avoidable discontent. The Cabinet Secretary suggested to the Staff Side to reach out to the Department of Pension and Ministry of Defence in’ the matter. So far he is concemed; he is an open minded on this subject, provided it is workable.
The National JCA will meet on 3rd June 2016 at New Delhi to consider these developments and take appropriate decision.

7th Pay Commission award, central government employees to get richer

Dear Comrades,
Central government employees will be richer in the coming months with the government planning to spend Rs 1.02 lakh crore on its employees.

The Empowered Committee of Secretaries on the 7th Pay Commission will make revision in the pay scales of the central government employees.

Although 48 lakh strong workforce and 52 lakh pensioner of central government come under the purview of 7th pay commission but the government doesn’t hesitate to give pay in hike to its employees.

The Empowered Committee of Secretaries will be making revision in the pay scale on June 11 on the inputs Implementation cell. Implementation cell hold a series of discussions and meetings with the employees’ unions, which brought a motion to compel the Empowered Committee of Secretaries to decide to propose a minimum salary at Rs 21,000 and the highest salary at Rs 2,70,000.

Each of the central government employees- from low paid employees to high ranking official- will get a salary hike of around 25 per cent to 30 per cent from January 2016, a Finance Ministry official said on Friday asked not to be named because he was not authorized to release the information.

The 7th Pay Commission’s recommendations that would put an additional burden of Rs 1.02 lakh crore on the exchequer. “But government is ready to spend that much on its employees,” he added.

The Central Government Employees’ Confederation also pressed that 7th Pay Commission recommendations should be implemented immediately with necessary amendments.

Accordingly, the Empowered Committee of Secretaries on the 7th Pay Commission is expected to submit its report soon to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for cabinet nod.

The 7th Pay Commission by headed Justice A K Mathur had recommended the minimum salary for central government employees at Rs 18,000 and maximum salary at Rs 2,50,000.

The pay commission submitted its report to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on November 19 last year.
After that, the government formed a secretary-level Empowered Committee headed by Cabinet Secretary P K Sinha to review the pay panel’s recommendations and an Implementation Cell has also been created in the Finance Ministry which works as the Secretariat of the Empowered Committee of Secretaries.

The government will make the announcement of 7th Pay Commission award soon after reviewing the Empowered Committee of Secretaries’ report on the remuneration of central government employees.


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Memo for rotational transfer, 2016 issued on 27.5.2016.

Dear Comrades,

Secretaries Group to revise 7th Pay Commission Recommendations

Dear Comrades,

New Delhi: Cabinet Secretary P K Sinha who is heading the Empowered Committee or Secretaries group is likely to hand over a report on the revised pay structures of 7th pay commission recommendations to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley by the end of next month.
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said government had requisite fund to implement 7th pay commission award. Cabinet Secretary Sinha will finally make his appearance before the the Empowered Committee or Secretaries group on June 11 to make a proposal on the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission before cabinet nod.
recommendations to be submitted by June “The proposal will be placed before the Cabinet after the finance ministry’s review. We don’t think it will take more time for Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s consideration and the new pay structures will be implemented from July after cabinet nod,” said a top official from the Finance Ministry who did not wish to be named.
The 7th Pay Commission headed by Justice A K Mathur submitted the report on November 19. It had proposed the highest salary at Rs 250,000 and the lowest at Rs 18,000. The commission also recommended 14.27 per cent increase in basic pay, 23.55% overall increase in salary, allowances and pensions.
The increase in allowances was recommended 63% while pension was proposed to rise 24%. Finance Minister Jaitley is likely to agree with the Secretaries group. “I think it should not be touched again,” the official said. Once the new structure is implemented, salaries of around 48 lakh central government employees and 52 lakh pensioners will rise by 30 percent. The Finance Minister already said the 7th pay commission award would not make the commodity prices to go up.
The central government employees and pensioners will also spend more money on a variety of goods after receiving the 7th Commission award with arrears from January 2016. “This means higher consumption similar to what happened in the past. But the previous two Pay Commission awards came with a lag of two years. So the arrears were large.
This time, it will not be so,” says Pronab Sen, former Chief Statistician, government of India and now Country Director, International Growth Centre, a think tank based at LSE, run in partnership with University of Oxford.
The official also agrees with Sen and said there was no possibility of any impact of the report on the market at this stage of implementation as there were no impacts when the Pay Commission had first submitted the report. The government formed a 13 member secretary-level Empowered Committee or Secretaries group headed by Sinha in January to review the report of the 7th Pay Commission before cabinet nod. The 7th pay commission was set up by the UPA government in February 2014. It submitted the report after around 22 months. After getting the 7th pay commission report, the finance minister Jaitley while introducing the Seventh Pay Commission report on November 19, already said that the final decisions on the Seventh Pay Commission report took five and a half months including the process of Secretaries group. Finance Minister also said, government had requisite fund to implement it.
The secretary group is likely to propose pay structure of minimum at Rs 21,000 and the maximum at Rs 2,70,000 Accordingly, the Secretaries group is likely to reach the conclusion to propose 30 percent basic pay raise instead of 14.27 per cent, which was recommended by 7th Pay Commission.
They are also mulling for doubling of existing rates of such allowances and advances, which has been recommended for abolition by the 7th Pay Commission, sources said. TST

Cadre Restructuring of Group 'C' employees in Department of Posts

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Government assures modernisation of Postal Services

Dear Comrades,
The faceless Postman -- once portrayed poetically by Rabindranath Tagore -- and the need to revamp the Postal Services in the country figured prominently during question hour in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday.

Answering supplementary questions from members, Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, who holds charge of the Department of Posts, said efforts are on "to make use of the vast network of postal platform all over the country for better growth and financial inclusion".

He said at the directive of Prime Minister Narendra Modi , the government is working hard to reinforce the infrastructure, connectivity and modernisation programme of the postal services and substantial progress has been made since 2014.

"Nearly 21,000-plus branches (of post offices) have been given core banking solution in only two years. It was only 230 in 2014. I am not saying that everything has been done," he said, adding that his ministry will also give "hand-held device to all postmen across India by March 2017".

Raising supplementaries, Trinamool Congress member Pratima Mondal recalled Nobel laureate Tagore's famous short story where the chief protagonist is a postman and also the film of maestro Satyajit Ray.

"We have noticed the importance of post office in village life. At the same time we have noticed the indescribable condition of rural post offices. We are in 2016, but no remarkable development has taken place in the infrastructure of post offices," she said.

Congress member Jyotiraditya Scindia recalled how during the previous UPA regime steps were taken to provide allowances to postmen for maintaining their shoes, dress, etc.

Prasad said during his visits to the rural areas, he discovered that even though writing of letters has decreased due to advancement of technology, the growth of e-commerce has again reinforced the importance of delivery men employed by the private companies.

Prasad said computerisation of post office branches in villages and small towns has enhanced the prestige of postal staff.

Bharatiya Janata Party member S.S. Ahluwalia asked the telecom minister to initiate action against a television commercial that shows postmen showing respect to the rich and hurling insults at the poor.

Prasad said he has seen the advertisement and would bring it to the notice of Information and Broadcasting Minister Arun Jaitley as television advertisements come under the domain of the I&B ministry.

Source:-The Times of India

List of Inefficient Officers

Dear Comrades,
Central Government has since long been reviewing officials on grounds of performance and efficiency. Fundamental Rules, All India Services Rules and other Service Rules provide for retirement in public interest. Review of performance is a continuous process. While reviewing, all Ministries/Departments take into consideration the parameters such as the entire service record and performance of the officers. Each Ministry/Department is required to prepare and maintain a list of officers of doubtful integrity.

Under Rule 56(j) of Fundamental Rules, review is done at the age of 50/55 years for Group A and B officials and at the age of 55 years for others. As per the provisions of All India Services (Death cum Retirement Benefit) Rules 16(3), interalia, review is done on completion of 15/25 years of qualifying service or on attaining the age of 50 years as the case may be. The provisions for review have been reiterated from time to time, more recently in September 2015 and in April 2016.

However, disciplinary action as appropriate, including compulsory retirement, is taken under the provisions of Central Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, All India Services (Discipline & Appeal) Rules and other Service Rules as applicable to various Services on completion of enquiry.

This was stated by the Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) Development of North-Eastern Region (DoNER), MoS PMO, Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Atomic Energy and Space, Dr Jitendra Singh in a written reply to a question by Shrimati Jayshreeben Patel in the Lok Sabha today. 



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