Thursday, April 8, 2010

Discussion with Postmaster General at Jeypore(K) on 07.04.2010

Dear Comrades,

Shri S K Kamila, PMG, Berhampur was on visit to Rayagada HO and Jeypore(K) HO on 07.04.2010 to inspect the developments of project arrow to be implemented in Jeypore(K) HO and Rayagada HO. The representatives of AIPEU Union, Koraput Divisional Branch had a discussion with Shri S K Kamila on the following agenda. Union representatives demanded firmly to solve some of our burning problems and to fulfill our various demands. Shri Kamila has given his assurance to analyse and solve the problems of our division. The following agenda was handed over to him for further necesary action at his end.


I, on behalf of AIPEU, Koraput Divisional Branch, Jeypore submitting this memorandum to the Hon’ble Postmaster General, Berhampur Region, Berhampur, now on tour to this Division to look into some burning problems of this Division for kind action.

01. Action is requested for early implementation of MACP.

02. Action is requested for issue of permanent orders to all the GDS staff of this Koraput Division.

03. Action is requested for early payment of severance allowances & EDGEIS.

04. Action is requested for grant/sanction of paid leave to all GDS staff of this Division.

05. Action is requested for sanction of Combined Duty Allowances.

06. Action is requested for timely supply of RPLI Bonds & Pass books.

07. Action is requested issuing of Identity Cards to all the staff of this Division.

08. Action is requested for stoppage of irregular transfer of GDS staff from one BO to another BO.

09. Action is requested for de-quaterization of SPM’s quarter. (Residence portion of the SPM’s quarter is not suffice for their eligibility)
Example-.PR PetaSO, AnchangumaSO, ChandahandiSO,DangarbhejaSO, TentulikhuntiSO, KosagumudaSO, PapadahandiSO, RaigharSO etc)

10. Action is requested for clearance of CEA bills of the officials.

11. Action is requested for allotment of quarters to all the staff of Sunabeda(Discussion).

12. Action is requested for supply of Cash to the different SO’s for payment of NREGS.

13. Action is requested for payment of recharge vouchers to Postmaster/SPM dealing with Project Arrow offices.

14. Action is requested for payment of recharge vouchers to the all System Administrators.

15. Action is requested for sufficient staffs may be posted for clearance of all pending NRGES, Old age pension, scholarship accounts, Accounts branch work.

16. Action is requested for fixation of Glasses at the Counter and A.C in the Project Arrow Offices.

17. Action is requested for supply cash counting machine & fake note detector machine to all the POs.

18. Action is requested for AMC for generator maintenance.

19. Action is requested for change of office timing of Jeypore(K) HO (Discussion).

20. Action is requested for issuing of gradation list.

Purna Chandra Maharana,
Divisional Secretary, AIPEU Gr-C,
Koraput Divisional Branch.
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