Thursday, June 24, 2010

Reform in Savings Bank Computerized Operations - DOP moving from Sanchay Post to CBS Software

Dear Comrades,

Department of Posts vide F No.76-01/2010-SB dated 25.05.2010 has conveyed that the existing functioning on Sanchay Post in Post Offices will be changed and instead CBS Software will be used soon.

The Details of the said letter is reproduced below:

The undersigned is directed to say that on the recommendations of a committee constituted to review utility and capabillity of Sanchay post software in the light of proposed CBS, Accrual Base Accounting and compliance of prevention of Money Laundering (PML)/combating of Financing Terrorism (CFT) norms, the competent authority has taken the following decisions:-

1.There will be no further expansion of Sanchay post software. The post offices for which legal copies of the sanchay post CDs have not yet been purchased will continue to work on manual system.

2.No further CD of Sanchaya Post system will be purchased from Datanet System.

3.Software Development Centre Chennai operating from O/O CPMG, will maintain the software at its present level and no further modifications or enhancements will be carried out in the software.

4.SDC, Chennai will help the probable system integrator in data migration to proposed CBS software.

5.After implementaion of CBS in 4000 major post offies, the remaining departmental offices will be shifted to a lower version of CBS with centralized database system.

This issues with the approval of DDG (FS).
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