Friday, February 1, 2013

Bi MonthlyUnion Meeting with the Postmaster General, Berhampur Region, Berhampur

Dear Comrades,

Govt. of India, Department of Posts

Office of the Postmaster General, Berhampur Region

Memo No.WL/203/1/R.A./03.
Dated  30.01. 2013.

The following Union/Association Office bearers and representatives have been permitted to attend the Bi-Monthly Union meeting of PMG, Berhampur Region, Berhampur (GM) scheduled to be held on 05.02.2013 in the Conference Room of R.O. Berhampur as per the following programme. The Circle Secretaries, Office bearers and Representatives may be granted Special C.L/Suitable off on application and relieved in time to enable them to attend the meeting.

Sl No.
Name of the Union
11.00 hours
14.30 hours
16.30 hours
Shri Damodar Mishra
Circle Secretary, NAPE Class-III, Orissa Circle Branch & Postal Asst., Bolangir HO-767001.
Shri Rabindra Pattnaik
Circle Secretary, NURMS Group-C, Orissa Circle Branch, S.A, Dhenkanal Sorting, Dhenkanal-759001.
Shri Jagadish Panigrahi
Circle Secretary, NURMS MG & MTS, Orissa Circle Branch O/O SRO, RMS-K-Division, Jharsuguda.
Shri Bamdev Tripathy
Circle Secretary, NUPE, Postman & MTS, Orissa Circle Branch, Jagatpur SO, Cuttack 
Shri Nihar Ranjan Sahoo
Asst.Circle Secretary No.I NUR Gr ‘C’, O/O the SRM-BG-Division, Berhampur-760005.
Shri R.Ch.Mishra
Circle Secretary, AIPEU Class-III, Orissa Circle Branch & P.R.I. (P) No.I  Bhubaneswar GPO -751001.
Shri R.N. Dhal
Circle Secretary, AIRMS & MMS Group-C, Orissa Circle Branch &  SA ,O/o HRO RMS ‘N’ Division, Cuttack
Shri H.K. Mohanty
Circle Secretary, AIRMS MG & MTS,
Orissa Circle Branch, O/O HRO, RMS “N” Division, Cuttack
Shri Debabrata Mohanty
Circle Secretary, AIPEU Postman & MTS,
Orissa Circle Branch Jajpur HO-755001
Shri R.K.Mahapatra
Postman, Medical College SO Berhampur (Ganjam)
Shri P.K.Mahapatra
O/S Mail, Nabarangpur SO, Koraput Division
Shri B.Ch.Samantara,
Asst. Circle Secy, AIRMS Class-III, HRO RMS ‘BG’ Dn, Berhampur-5.
Shri B.B.Reddy,
Asst.Circle Secy- cum- MM, C/o HRO BG Dn, Berhampur-5.
Shri S.N.Behera
MMS-cum-A/C/S , C/o HRO BG Dn., Berhampur-5.
Shri R.K.Mahapatra
SA-cum-Asst.Circle Secy. C/O. HRO “BG” Dn. Berhampur-5.

Shri Pitabasa Jena
Circle Secretary, AIIP & ASPOs Association, Orissa Circle Branch, & Manager, Project Arrow, O/O Chief PMG(O), Bhubaneswar-751001
Shri V.L.S.S.Raj
Circle Secretary, All India Postal Stenographers Association Orissa Circle Branch O/o the Chief PMG, Bhubaneswar
Shri Srikant Kumar Mallick
Circle Secretary, AISBCEU,PA SBCO, Bhubaneswar GPO-751001

Asst. Director (Staff)
For P M G Berhampur Region
Berhampur Region.
Copy  to:

The SSPOs, Bhubaneswar/ Berhampur/Koraput  Division  for making necessary relieving arrangement in time.

The SSRM, ‘N’ Dn Cuttack/ SRM ‘BG’ Division, Berhampur /SRO, RMS-K-Division, Jharsuguda/The Sr.Postmaster, Cuttack GPO for making necessary relieving arrangement in time.

The SPOs, Cuttack (North) / Cuttack (South) / CK City / Bolangir/Dhenkanal/Aska / Phulbani/ Kalahandi Division for making necessary relieving arrangement in time.

The Asst. Director (ST) Circle Office, Bhubaneswar/The Ass.Director (Staff), RO, Berhampur for making necessary relieving arrangement in time.

Concerned Circle Secretary, Asst. Circle Secretary/ Representative (By name). They are requested to attend the meeting in time. This is in continuation of this office letter of even no. Dated 03.12.2012.

The Section Supervisor, R.O., Berhampur.

Office / Spare copy.

Asst. Director (Staff)
For P M G Berhampur Region,

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