Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Stamp your mark with ‘My Stamp’

Dear Comrades,

“My Stamp”, an innovation of India Post, gives individuals the opportunity to get a postage stamp with their photos on it, said A.K.Feroze Mohideen, Senior Superintendent of Post Offices, Thanjavur Division, here on Monday.

Speaking to customers as part of National Postal Week Celebrations at the Head Post Office here, Mr.Feroze Mohideen said that everyone will be happy to have his or her photo on postal stamps. “My Stamp” is the brand name for personalised sheets of commemorative postage stamps of India Post.

The personal touch is achieved by printing a thumbnail photograph of the customer, logos of institutions, or images of art work, heritage buildings, tourist places, historical cities, wildlife, other animals and birds, alongside the selected commemorative postage stamps.

To get personalised “My Stamp”, the customers will have to fill in the form indicating choice of stamps from available stamp sheets and deposit Rs.300 along with his or her colour photo (with white background) or provide the same in soft copy.

A sheet of “My Stamp” contains 12 postage stamps. Six stamps will be issued for individuals.

R.Baskaran, Senior Post Master, Thanjavur Head Post Office, said that “My Stamp” has issued stamps to three persons so far. 

The head post office has achieved 100 per cent delivery. “The office receives 4,000 letters per day apart from money orders and speed posts, Mr.Baskaran said.

R.Vidhya, Marketing Executive, Thanjavur Division, said that instant money orders have also become popular. Instant money orders help people to get money quickly. Under instant money orders, once the money gets deposited it reaches the receiver in the next minute. The receiver has to go to the nearest post office to receive the money.

Other products of India Post include direct post through which pamphlets or advertisement materials are delivered directly to people by postmen, express parcel post, logistics post, media post, e-post, speed post, and international speed post.
As part of the national postal week, world postal day was celebrated on October 9, savings day on October 10, postal day on October 11, philately day on October 12, and business extension day on October 14. Postal insurance day will be held on October 15.

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