Saturday, July 9, 2016

Present Question of 1 crore central government employees/pensioners is "WHY THE STRIKE WAS DEFERRED?

Dear Comrades,

Present Question of 1 crore central government employees/pensioners is "WHY THE STRIKE WAS DEFERRED?" 

Dear friends, Including Postmaster cadre almost all the cadre was severely affected with the meager hike by 7th CPC. We have to travel nearly 8 months for the analysis of 7th CPC retrograde recommendations and past developments regarding the implementation of those retrograde recommendations. 

Atlast GOI maintained the status quo in the implementations of 7th CPC. Strike was deferred 3rd time. Why strike was deferred?? Whether to give ample time to GOI to decide the justified demands of Government employees? or to dilute the protests? 

The following are the analysis for the employees of department of Posts. 

19.11.2015, 7th CPC had submitted its report with retrograde recommendations. 

It was planned to give strike notice by January to conduct the indefinite strike during February 2016. The same was deferred for unknowing reasons. The strike date is again planned to conduct during March 2016 and further postponed to 4 months to July 2016, by mentioning 5 states elections. 

In the mean time, because of the protests of 48 lakh central government employees regarding the meager hike in past 60 years, GOI constituted the "empowered committee" to analyse the retrograde recommendations. 

Various talks were conducted by the empowered committee with staff side and each and every departments were also asked to submit its recommendations to the empowered committee. Deceiving the 48 lakhs employees and 52 lakhs pensioners, by nullifying the various talks with JCA, Without publishing the empowered committee's report, GOI- cabinet had unilaterally approved the same retrograde recommendations without considering the work force massive protests and 33 lakhs government employees indefinite strike. 

Above Unilateral decision itself clearly have shown the mindset of the government to not to mind the protests and massive work force threats. Just to skip the untoward situations, GOI simply announced the one more committee as high-level committee!! (None is ready to clarify the reasons why empowered committee was constituted earlier) Even after attended the various rounds of talk with empowered committee, JCA was deceived by the empowered committee, now JCA decided to defer the strike third time which showing that they are somewhat in a hurdle/negative mindsets to implement even the democratic ballot strike decision of its members.

Now new pay rules 2016 as per the same retrograde recommendations of 7th CPC is also going to be implemented by the GOI successfully in this July 2016  Instead of conducting strike in old pay i.e., w.e.f.,11.07.16, After implementing the new pay, even though if strike is conducted 50% of additional pay might have been deducted on "no work no pay" concept. 

Overall, all the government employees were in a raising mind set and that was not at all utilized by the trade unions to show their strength. At least 2 days strike would have turned the entire nation upside down. 

Fraternally yours,
R. Rajendran Circle Co-ordinator Kuttalam S.O 609801 

Mobile : 9600841933
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