Thursday, April 11, 2013

Agenda of AIPEDEU for monthly union meeting

Dear Comrades,

The monthly union meeting for the month of April, 2013 will be held on 18.4.2013 and 19.4.2013. The agenda is published hereunder.


The Sr. Supdt. of Post Offices,
Koraput Division, Jeypore(K)-764001.

L No:      AIPEDEU/Agenda-4/2012-14                               Dated at Jeypore(K) the 10.04.2013

Sub:       Submission of new agenda for the monthly union meeting for the month of Apr, 2013.

With reference to Divnl. Office letter No.B2/AIPEU-4 dtd. 3.4.2013, the following agendas are submitted for discussion in the monthly meeting which is to be held on 19.4.2013.

1.       Action is requested for early payment of the 6th CPC 40% and 60% differential arrears.
2.       Action is requested for early issue of new gradation list.
3.       Action is requested to fill up all vacant GDS posts.
4.       Action is requested to pay combined duty allowances/ office maintenance allowances/ cycle allowances of GDS staff (Particulars already submitted).
5.       Action is requested to engage GDS officials in vacant BPM posts who have minimum qualification i.e. matriculation (Ex: Anta BO).
6.       Action is requested for issue of permanent memo to all the eligible GDS officials. (List already submitted)
7.       Action is requested for deploy/creation of another Mail-Escort post in the Jeypore-Padwa MMS Line keeping in view of the heavy mail traffic and longer work hour for one Mail-escort. 
8.       Action is requested for early issue of Postal Identity Card to all the GDS employees in Koraput Divn.
9.       Action is requested for non-drawal and late sanction of paid leave/ leave cases. (Ex: Paid leaves are granted but not sanctioned in due time and substitute for GDS are not being paid due to laxity by the IPOs. 
10.   Action is requested for supply of furniture to all the needy BOs.
11.   Action is requested for early disposal/sanction of pending severance & gratuity allowances to the eligible GDS employees. Ex: Bhagirathi Sadangi, Rtd. GDSMD, Pujariput B.O. a/w Borigumma S.O. retired on 7.3.2012.
12.   Action is requested for implementation of membership submitted during Apr, 2012.
13.   Action is requested to allow willing GDS staff to work on DW basis on rotational basis. 

                It is requested to make relieving arrangements for the below mentioned union representatives to attend the monthly meeting.

1.       Rajendra Prasad Sahu, GDSBPM, Pujariput B.O. a/w Borigumma S.O.                                                     
2.       Rasika Siromani Padhy, GDS BPM I/c, Anta B.O. in a/w Jayanagar S.O.
3.       S Chandrasekhar Rao, GDSBPM, Badakumuli B.O. a/w Nabarangpur MDG.

      Yours faithfully

(Rajendra Prasad Sahu)
                                    Divnl. Secy., AIPEDEU
                                                                                       Koraput Divnl. Branch, Jeypore(K)

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