Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Postponement of Monthly Union Meeting.

Dear Comrades,

Government of India, Department of Posts
Office of the Senior Superintendent of Post Offices
Koraput Division, Jeypore (K) 764001
By Regd Post/With Entry
            The Postmaster Jeypore HO /Rayagada HO
            The Inspector of Posts, Nabarangpur/Malkangiri
            The Sub Postmaster, Gudari SO

No:      B2/AIPEU-4 dated at Jeypore (K) the 16.04.2013

Sub:     Postponement of Monthly Union Meeting.

Please refer to this office letter of even number dated 15.04.2013 vide which order for relieving of the following members of AIPEU “Group C”, “Postman & MTS” and AIPEDEU Unions for attending the Monthly Union Meeting in the chamber of the SSPOs, Koraput Division, Jeypore (K) were conveyed. Due to some administrative grounds, the said Monthly Union meeting slated for 18.04.2013 and 19.04.2013 has been postponed to 29.04.2013 and 30.04.2013 respectively. The following official be relieved accordingly as per revised dates.

Date and Time
Name of the Official and Designation
Relieving Arrangement
at 14.30 hrs
P.C.Maharana, PA, Jeypore HO
Office Arrangement
 PA, Rayagada HO
D.P.Dash, SPM, Gudari SO
Postmaster, Rayagada HO will please depute one suitable PA to relieve Sri Dash in time. TA advance of Rs 500/-(Five Hundred) be paid to the deputee on application.
Nilambar Naik,
Head Postman, Jeypore (K) HO
Prabhat Ku Mahapatra,
 O/s Mails, Nabarangpur
Kanhu Pr Anugulia,
Postman, Malkangiri MDG
30.04.2013 at 10.30 hrs
Rajendra Prasad Sahu,
GDSBPM, Pujariput BO,
i.a.w Borigumma So
The GDS may be relieved by providing a suitable substitute in usual terms and conditions of GDS service.
Rasika S Padhy, GDSBPM I/C,
Anta BO, i.a.w Jayanagar SO
S.Chandrasekhar Rao,
GDSBPM, Badakumuli BO,
 i.a.w Nabarangpur MDG
                                                                                                    (Sanatan Modi), Sr. Supdt of Post Offices, Koraput Division, Jeypore(K)-764001

Copy to:
W/E     1.         The Postmaster Koraput HO/Malkangiri MDG/Nabarangpur MDG
Regd    2          The SPM, Borigumma SO/Jayanagar SO
Regd    3          The BPM, Pujariput BO/Anta BO/Badakumuli BO
Regd    4 .        The Officials Concerned.
Regd    5.         J/H2/H1/B1/BGT Branch, O/o the SSPOs, Jeypore (K)-764001
                   Sr. Supdt of Post Offices, Koraput Division, Jeypore (K) 764001
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