Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Branch Office RICT CBS Operating Procedure dated 02.03.2017

Dear Comrades,

Postal Directorate released the operating procedure for RICT CBS Transaction at Branch Post Offices. 
Following is the circular issued by the FS division of India Post.

F. No. 113-01/2011-SB(Pt) 
Government of India
Ministry of Communication & IT Department of Posts
(F.S. Division)

Dak Bhawan,New Delhi-110001
Dated: 02.03.2017
All Head of Circles

Subject: - Circulating of SOP of RICT Sir/Madam,

Please find enclosed herewith SOP of RICT for circulating to all CBS and non-CBS Post Offices for information and necessary guidance for staff and customers. This will be subject to review after a period of 3 months based on feedback received from field units. The same may be shared with us at "directorcbs-del@indiapost.gov.in & directorfs@indiapost.gov.in"

02. This issues with approval of competent authority.

(i) New Account Opening at BOs through RICT device [SB/RD/TD accounts]

BO (SB, RD & TD) New Account will be opened henceforth through RICT devices in rolled out BOs. Branch Postmaster willfollow the following steps: -

(A) Procedural Steps to be followed at BO-
1. BPM will examine New Account Opening Form (AOF) and ensure that all the mandatory fields are filled by depositor.

2. If depositor is already having an account in BO, BPM will write CIF number on the AOF from the list of migrated accounts provided by Account Office.

3. BPM will ensure that depositor has pasted photo on AOF.

4. BPM will scan signature(s) and photo from AOF with the help of device as mentioned in process of device.

5. (i) BPM will take Identity Proof, Address Proof of the depositor and ensure that name and address
filled in the AOF tallies with the ID and Address proof. Obtaining PAN or Form 60 in respect of an account (SB/RD/TD) ismandatory when amount to be deposited is exceed Rs. 50000/- while opening such accounts. BPM, will thereforeobtained copy of either PAN or Form 60.

(ii) As far as possible copy of Aadhar card should be obtained while opening of the accounts. If it carry photo & address ofthe depositor, Aadhar card only be enough as ID & Address proof of the depositor.

6. BPM will attest ID and Address Proof with his/her signature and place date stamp. BPM will also
sign on AOF and place date stamp.

7. BPM will take SB-103 duly filled by depositor and the amount for opening the account.

8. BPM will continue to follow the existing procedure of issue of Preliminary Receipt (SB-26), pasting of SS Slip in SS Bookand maintenance of BOSB, BORD and BOTD Journals.

9. On completion of the account opening process in RICT device, BPM will note Transaction ID generated by the device on AOF and SB-103. Transaction ID should also be noted on SB-26 and BOSB/BORD/BOTD Journal.

10. On completion of Account Opening process by device, BPM will generate three (3) copies of acknowledgment slip. Onecopy will be given to depositor, one copy should be attached with AOF and third copy will be kept for office record.

11. AOF along with acknowledgement slip, PR (SB-26) and Pay-In-Slip (SB-103) will be sent to Account Office by following the existing procedure.

12. Images will be saved by the BPM. On completion of the process a unique ID /transaction ID will be generated.

Download the full procedure from the following link

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