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PO & RMS Accountant Examination scheduled to be held on 28.05.2017.

Dear Comrades,

Department of Posts, India
Office of the Chief Postmaster General
Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar-751001

No RE/30-8/2017                                     dated at Bhubaneswar the 20.03.2017

            The PMG Berhampur (Gm)/ Sambalpur Region
            All SSPOs/SPOs/ SSRM/ SRM in Odisha Circle
            The Superintendent PSD/ CSD, Bhubaneswar
            The Superintendent CSD, Sambalpur
            Officer In-charge, P & T Administration Cell, APS Centre,
            C/o 56 APO

Sub      PO & RMS Accountant Examination  scheduled to be held on 28.05.2017.

            Kindly refer to this office letter No. RE/30-12/2009 dated 28.02.2017 wherein the Calendar of Departmental Examination to be held in 2017 has been circulated. As per the said Calendar of Departmental Examination, PO and RMS Accountant Examination is scheduled to be held on 28.05.2017.Accordingly, the following dates are fixed  for processing the examination.

Last date for submission of application by the candidate – 17.04.2017

Last date for applications reaching Circle Office – 24.04.2017

Date of holding the examination – 28.05.2017

            The candidates who fulfil the prescribed conditions of eligibility as per Rule-273 (a) (i) and (a) (ii) of P & T Manual, Vol - IV as amended from time to time may submit their applications in the prescribed form (enclosed) along with  two copies of their recent passport size photographs duly attested by the controlling officer to the heads of the unit/ Division concerned in time. The head of the office concerned after obtaining the application from the candidates will scrutinize the same and forward the applications to this office along with his specific recommendation or otherwise.  Divisions under RO Berhampur/ Sambalpur may submit their applications through the respective Regional Offices. The information furnished in the prescribed application forms by the candidates should be thoroughly checked up and verified with reference to their PF, Service Book or any other relevant records and then forwarded to Circle Office along with the prescribed proforma report, the specimen copy of which is annexed to this letter. Besides the above, while forwarding the applications, you are requested to furnish a certificate in the prescribed form as mentioned in the bottom of each application.

            The seniority position of the PA/SA as per up-to-date Circle/Division gradation list of such officials may be furnished in the proforma report.   
            The contents of this letter along with the copy of the application form may be circulated to all concerned. Any application not submitted in the prescribed form, not properly filled in by the candidate, not properly checked and verified by your office and after all not submitted in due time, is liable to be rejected at your risk.

            The receipt of this letter may kindly be acknowledged.

Encl : As above
(S.C.Sahoo), Asst. Director (RE)
For CPMG, Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar-751001

Copy to :
1.The AD (Staff), CO, Bhubaneswar
2.All SS, CO, Bhubaneswar
3.The Circle Secretaries of recognised Service Unions/ Associations in Odisha Circle
4.The Asst. Director General (DE), Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi - 110001 for kind information with reference to Directorate letter No. A-34012/01/2017-DE dated 20.02.2017.
Asst. Director (RE), For CPMG, Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar-751001

FOR THE YEAR 2017 (To be filled in by the candidate)

                                                                                                   Photo to be affixed 

Full name of the candidate

Present appointment held (Mention PA/SA)

Office to which attached
(In case working on deputation the present & parent designation should be mentioned)

(Mention whether SC/ST)

Date of entry in to Government Service

Date from which continuously working in Postal Assistant/ Sorting Assistant Cadre

Whether declared permanent
(If so, the date of permanency may be furnished)

Length of service in PA/SA cadre as on the last date fixed for the receipt of the application, i.e. 17.04.2017

No. of chance (s) already availed by you  with Roll Number and year of Examination

State if you have applied for withdrawal of application in any Examination year
(If so, particulars of Roll Number and year of Examination should be furnished)

State if permission was granted in any examination year for withdrawal of application
(If so, particulars of Circle Office letter granting withdrawal of application may be furnished along with Roll Number & year of Examination)

State whether this is the Ist/2nd/3rd/4th chance

Serial Number in the Circle/Division Gradation List of PA/SA as the case may be

Centre at which desire to appear the Examination

Whether desire to answer in Hindi or English

            I, Sri/ Smt/ Kumari _________________________________ do hereby declare that the particulars furnished by me in this application form are all true.

Station ___________
Date _____________                                                         Signature of the candidate

To be filled in by the Head of the Office
or the Controlling Officer concerned

Has the candidate possessed good record of service for preceding 3 years ?

Have you verified the correctness of the  entries made against item No. 1 to 13  above ?

Is the candidate appearing for the Ist/2nd/3rd/ or 4th time ?

Specific recommendations or otherwise on the following form :

Certified that the particulars furnished by  Sri/ Smt------------------------------------------------------ ____________________________________have been checked and verified with reference to the relevant records and found those all correct. The official is eligible/ not eligible to take up the PO/RMS Accountant Examination to be held on  28.05.2017 and as such he is recommended/ not recommended for the same (strike out which is not applicable).
Signature of Head of the Office
(With Name &Designation & Seal)

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