Friday, March 3, 2017

Circle Secretary meets Chief PMG for discussion on Cadre Restructuring of Group-C Postal employees in Odisha Circle

Dear Comrades,

As you know, we had requested vide our letter No. P3-NFPE – Odisha / 08 – 02 / 2017, dated 23.02.2017 to meet the Chief PMG with selected representatives of our Union to discuss on Cadre Restructuring. The Chief PMG did give his consent on the issue for discussion at 5.30 PM on 01.03.2017 which was communicated to this Circle Secretary only over telephone by the Asst. Director (Staff) at 7.50 PM on 28.02.2017 without any official letter which was politely refused after consultation with all the designated representatives who expressed their inability to come since not in a position to hand over the charge in the late hours of the Post Offices / sensitive branches they are working. A request was also made to the AD (Staff) to call us officially.

Subsequently, we represented to the Chief PMG to allow us for a discussion with the Secretary (Posts) who is visiting Odisha on 02.03.2017

On 01.03.2017, the AD (Staff) once again called this Circle Secretary for a discussion with the Chief PMG before being permitted to meet the Secretary (Posts). With due honour to the invitation of the Chief PMG, this Circle Secretary visited Circle Office at 5 PM on 01.03.2017 and had a discussion for about 30 minutes  with the Chief PMG, DPS(HQ) and AD(Staff)  broadly on the following points.

1.    Discrepancy in distribution of Posts amongst various cadres which has been raised earlier and our CHQ has already written to the Secretary (Posts) vide letter No. P/2-16/Odisha Circle, dated 28.07.2016 was put forth before the Chief PMG.

The Directorate has allotted 45 LSG posts short than required and 301 HSG-II posts in toto. Out of those 301 posts, only 189 posts were allotted and where about of 112 posts remained in suspense.

No satisfactory reply was given on the issue. It was told that the allotment has been done on the basis of feasibility keeping an eye on the sanctioned strength.

2.    Regarding omission of some senior officials especially belonging to reserved category, it was replied that they have done it in accordance with Directorate’s order No. 16-11/2016-SCT, dated 21.10.2016 accompanied the DoPT OM No. 36012/11/2016-Estt (Res), dated 30.09.2016 regarding treatment of SC/ST candidate for reservation in promotion which states, inter alia that no further promotions of reserved category persons  to unreserved posts will be made on the DoPT OM dated 10.08.2010.

And DoPT OM dated 10.08.2010 clarified that SC/ST candidates appointed by promotion on their own merit  and seniority and not owing to reservation or relaxation of qualification will be adjusted against  unreserved points of reservation roster, irrespective of the fact whether the promotion  is made by selection method or non-selection method.

In our opinion, when DPC is convened purely on seniority-cum-fitness basis, what about the seniority of these reserved category officials. Yes, these officials may not be promoted against unreserved posts according to the clarification in DoPT OM No. 36012/11/2016-Estt(Res), dated 30.09.2016. But there may not be any harm if they come under the zone of selection according to their seniority.

But as clarified, this has been done according to the quota fixed for promotion of these reserved category officials.

3.    When discussed about 94 surplus LSG officials found 7 Divisions and 191 short in 11 Divisions in comparison to the respective Divisional sanctioned strength which may create serious dislocation while adjusting the surplus officials from one Division in another Division(s) which fall(s) short of the sanctioned strength, it was replied that this is part of the selection process and this must happen. However, every care will be taken to adjust all the senior officials within the Division adjusting the junior officials in the nearby Division as per rules.

In respect of filling up of vacancies found in the parent Division after diversion of the surplus officials to other Divisions and methodology of drawing pay and allowances of the officials found surplus consequent upon posting of LSG officials on diversion, it was replied that Circle Office is working on it.  

4.    Regarding treatment of SAs, B Es, Trainers, PLI/CBS CPC Supervisors and PLI Group Leaders who have been promoted to LSG cadre and now working in unidentified posts, it was replied that they will be relieved first to join in LSG identified posts and Circle Office will examine afterwards if they can be drafted further on deputation to such posts or otherwise.

5.    Regarding non-filling of posts of HSG-II and HSG-I cadre with the existing LSG and HSG-II officials following the rules of chain vacancies, it was replied that there are no eligible officials in the feeder cadre in Odisha Circle.

When requested to wait for the one time absorption order from the Directorate which is being pursued by our CHQ, it was replied that there is no guarantee when such order will come and Circle Office may not work on apprehension. If the process is delayed, it will be detrimental to the future of the young generation who if get their LSG promotion in due time may appear the LDCE meant for them and make their future secured and bright. Union should not act in breaking the future of the younger generation.

6.    When asked about the permission to meet the Secretary (Posts) for which we have already requested, the Chief PMG replied that the message will be convened to the Secretary (Posts) on his arrival and if permitted, it will be intimated.

Before leaving C O with thanks to the Chief PMG for allowing to discuss on the issue, this Circle Secretary once again requested to wait for the one-time absorption order of the existing LSG and HSG-II officials.

Circle Secretary
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