Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Cadre Restructuring of Group-C Postal employees in Odisha Circle - Updates

Dear Comrades,

Today we discussed with the Chief PMG, Odisha Circle over telephone and collected information from R O, Sambalpur and Berhampur. As ascertained, both the  ROs and C O are almost ready to release the posting orders of the approved LSG officials  today or tomorrow.

During discussion we reminded the Chief PMG regarding our request to delay the process till receipt of an order from the Directorate since Postal JCA comprising NFPE and FNPO has already appraised the Secretary (Posts) regarding the lapses noticed by the Staff Side with request to keep the implementation in abeyance.  The Chief PMG informed that they have ascertained the position from the Directorate and there is no such proposal to change the policy decision at present. So it is unnecessary to wait further since delay in implementation may affect the career prospects of the interested officials. Whenever any modification order will come, C O will work accordingly. Since other Circles like Rajstan and Karnatak have already implemented, it may not be wise to delay further since DPC has been completed for more than a month.

So posting orders in favour of the approved LSG officials may be released today or tomorrow.

We wrote / discussed to / with the Circle administration. No tangible result came out. We met the Secretary (Posts) and discussed on the deficiencies noticed by the Staff Side in the kind presence of the Chief PMG, Odisha. The Secy(Posts) admitted our problems to be genuine and assured us to look into the issues. No clarificatory order has yet been issued from the Directorate. Postal JCA (NFPE & FNPO), CHQ appraised the facts to the Secy (Posts) on the basis of discussions made in Raigarh CWC.

We also talked with Com R N Parashar, Secretary General NFPE who informed that the case is under examination at Directorate level.

PJCA (NFPE & FNPO), Odisha Circle intimated everything to the Circle administration endorsing copy of the letter addressed to Secy (Posts) by PJCA (CHQ).

We have exhausted all channels to convince the Circle administration to keep the implementation proposal in abeyance till an amicable settlement of the grievances.

But all our efforts are in vain.

All the Circle Secretaries (NFPE) are meeting in Bhubaneswar on 23.03.2017 and we are deciding to hold an emergent Working Committee Meeting to decide further course of action.

Circle Secretary
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