Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Direct Cash Transfer through Post Offices.

Dear Comrades,


        The PMG, Berhampur/ Sambalpur Region.
        All SSPOs/ SPOs in Odisha Circle.

No:   SB/52-45/2012 dated at Bhubaneswar the 16.01.2013.

Sub:  Direct Cash Transfer through Post Offices.

         I am directed to intimate that the procedure for capturing Aadhar Number of Depositors for opening of new Savings Accounts was circulated vide letter No. SB/1-1/Ruling/2012 dated 10-12-2012. In the mean while, Direct Cash Transfer was introduced in DOP for payment of NREGS Wages(EFMS) in 51 districts of the country. The pilot project of EFMS will shortly be introduced in Dhenkanal District. 

             The Directorate email dated 20-12-2012 on Direct Cash Transfer to be introduced from 01-06-2013 contains detailed instructions on the subject as follows.
(a)    Obtain electronic list of beneficiaries having Aadhaar numbers from disbursing agencies   
(b)   Capture these numbers in the camps organized by District Collectors by direct contact. Instructions for this purpose have been issued in the District Collectors conference.
(c)    Get these numbers by calling account holders to the Post Office or through GDS/Postman
(d)   Open new accounts after obtaining Aadhaar number, if available. In case, Aadhaar number is not available, the beneficiary be enrolled through the nearest Post Office UID enrollment centre.
(e)   Have Aadhaar EA at all Post Offices of the identified districts. Get these numbers at the time of  capturing biometric and seed accounts. In case there is any difficulty in getting EAs, take it up with BD Directorate for suitable action

 In the District Collectors conference, it was also clarified that existing accounts held at Post Offices will not be migrated to banks on account of the non availability of CBS at Post Offices. However, it will be beneficiaries’ decision to have his account in the Post Office or the Bank.

         It is also instructed that the work relating to NREGS i.e., opening of Master Data, subsequent transactions, tagging BO names in Sanchay Post Ver-7, addition of interest in the NREGS account and the process of finalizing the balance agreement(already supplied) should be attended with all promptness so that, there will not be any further delay in introducing EFMS. As regards, enrollment of Aadhar, the AD(BD) should be consulted where as any clarification on EFMS  may sought for from AD(FS).

With regards,

Yours faithfully,
S.Mishra, Assistant Director(FS), O/o the Chief PMG, 
Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar-751001.
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